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Nikon D90 Review – No Fluff

Yes, Nikon has done it again. It seems that as of late this camera manufacturer can do no wrong in the world of DSLRs. Replacing the now obsolete D80, this masterpiece is all the camera you need to take the worlds best photos.  In comparison to the D300, this camera boasts many of the same features, with some improvements, all in a lighter package. This is Nikons smartest DSLR, outhandeling both the D3 and D300 at a much higher price tag. Of course there is always a lot of fluff added to a new prosumer camera in order to catch the eye of those who are not in the know, but there is also a lot of very useful groundbreaking improvements in the Nikon D90 that just are not offered in the D80, or D300 for that matter.  

If you are in the $1000 dollar range for a camera, this is your best choice. On it you will receive a lot of what makes the $5000 D3 great, at a fraction of the price. The first thing you will notice is the scaldingly bright and stunning 3-inch LCD. The colors are vivid and accurate. What’s also great is that it doesn’t drain the EN-EL3e battery very quickly. The camera is rated at 850 shots with a mix of flash. Move over D3.  

The image sensor though being DX rivals the D3, D300 and D700 in photo quality. In regular shooting amidst decent light, you will not notice a difference. Even for all you people who like to blow up a photo to 300% and scour for imperfections will be pleasantly surprised. In low light higher ISO the D300 will improve slightly, and the D3 will improve quite a bit more. $4000 more? I don’t think so.  

Live view also makes an appearance on the D90. Now this is unlikely to be used a whole lot by the photo enthusiast. However it is very useful when passing the camera off to friends and family so that you can get in some of the stunning pictures. It seems that now everyone has become dependant on LCDs to take photos, we have point and shoots to thank for that. If you already own a DSLR you will no doubt notice that folks are intimidated to even hold a DSLR let alone shoot one. This is where live view helps out tremendously. It takes the intimidating, and makes it far more than comfortable for someone who is used to holding out his or her camera at arms length. Also the lower weight and plastic body of the D90 help reduce intimidation factor.   

Video. Yes the D90 has it. Use live view and quick as can be you are making a movie. But that is where your excitement will end. To be honest, the lack of in video focus is no good at all. Your little point and shoot will most likely do a lot better in the video arena. And for $150 you can get a camera that will also capture stereo sound. Its nice to have the ability to take a flick when the time is right, but don’t depend on it for any serious film work. Focused roles Nikon! 

Speed. The D90 is quick at 4.5 frames per second. Not as fast as the D300, D700 or D3, but you have to ask yourself is the extra speed and memory card clogging capacity of the D3 worth the extra four grand? I say no way. In just about everything else these cameras are equal. 

Some of the other salesy features include face recognition auto focus, in camera editing, distortion controls, scene modes, slide show etc. The Nikon D90 is a terrific photo tool. For most, it will replace the more expensive D300. The D90 offers the same and sometimes better photo quality, with added new features. The lighter package will be much appreciated by everyone who will have this hanging around his or her neck. You get the exact same brilliant 3-inch LCD. You can’t go wrong! Get it today.

Which Nikon Digital Camera Should I Buy?

Many people look for digital cameras by brand name. Which Nikon digital camera should I buy is a popular question from digital camera enthusiasts. Anyone who has used Nikon film camera knows that Nikon is a leader in the camera world. The digital cameras are just as popular. The Nikon CoolPix S50C and the CoolPix P4 are compact cameras with some impressive features. The Nikon P4 has 8 megapixels with a two and a half inch viewing screen with auto mode. This camera has a slim body that could be harder to use for someone with larger hands. For the price, this camera is a bargain.

The Nikon S50C offers 7.2 megapixels and has a wireless interface. The camera itself is impressive with a three-inch viewing screen and three times optical and four times digital zoom. The camera is very compact and slim. When you are thinking about which Nikon digital camera should I buy, you would be pleased with the Nikon S50C because of all the options and features. The prices are just right for any beginner or experienced user. Choosing between these two cameras would be easy after you read the reviews as well.

Which Nikon digital camera should I buy is always a question to ask yourself. You can read the specifications of the cameras, reviews by other users and see what the performance of the camera is by reading consumer reports. What you do not want to do is buy any camera without seeing what they all have to offer. The WI-FI Nikon S50C is definitely a nice camera with good reviews and the wireless interface does add to the beauty of the camera. You just need to compare and select the camera that will work the best for what you need it for.