5 Ways to Earn Money With Your Digital Camera

Here are five easy ways for you to earn money with your digital camera.The following five methods were pulled from 15 Ways to Make Money with Digital Photography, which is online now along with other resources at my website. These five ways are currently in use by many other photographers as we speak. By learning now how to start turning your digital photos into cash you can grow more quickly into the role of the professional digital photographer.

Method One: Selling Stock Photography
Get started easily by submitting some of your best pictures to stock photography sites that pay royalties when someone purchases your photo for use. Many stock photography sites are currently available and more are jumping in every day. Shop around. Read reviews and choose a couple you’d like to start with and get started today.

Method Two: Screensavers
Screensavers are downloaded like crazy on high-traffic sites that make them available for download. Maybe a collection of your best work would make a a really good screensaver? They’ve gotta get those sweet screensaver images somewhere. Obvioulsy they are purchased from awesome photographers like you.

Method Three: eBay Sellers
Some people just can’t take a good product shot, but you can. Right? Sweet. Better product shots improve the merchants chances of making sales. Many eBay power sellers know this and hire a local photographer (or a friend who knows how) to take photos of the products for them. A good digital camera, a portable light box and a clean backdrop and this business goes anywhere.

Method Four: Wedding Photography
Always in demand wedding photographers are there to capture that special moment. Unfortunately the high demand brings much competition. Thumb through your local yellow pages and you’ll quickly see you’re not alone. Love for the art and a keen eye will set you apart from the crowd. You will most likely have to offer your services up as a favor to family and friends to gain time behind the lense and some good shots for your online portfolio. Once you’ve paid your dues be sure to display your best work on your website.

Method Five: Restaurant Photographer
From product shots for menus to capturing the atmosphere for the restaurant’s website, they have work for someone. How many restaurants are in your city? I’m guess that even if you’re in a small town there should still be restaurants in your area that could find a use for your skills. More importantly, they’d be willing to pay you for doing it. Who wants to buy ugly food?

Well, there you have it. Five Ways to Make Money with Digital Photography. Imagine that. This crazy hobby of yours just might be worth the time you’ve put into it afterall.

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