Canon VS Nikon – Canon XSi Or Nikon D3000

Nikon has officially pulled the plug on producing possibly its most popular model of DSLR, the D40. The replacement for the D40 and the D60 is the Nikon D3000. The newest Nikon arriving on the scene with great anticipation by Nikon enthusiasts and camera reviewers alike. Even though the new camera is not available to the public until September 1, buyers are “lining up” at online stores with their orders. You an go to one of the online stores and preorder yours even now. It proves to be an interesting time for camera buyers.

Canon’s Rebel XSi (450D) is already on the market and awaiting the arrival of its new Nikon nemesis. Which one will dominate?

The Nikon/Canon debate will not abate with the coming of the new D3000. Nikon proponents will line up on the Nikon side while Canon enthusiasts will take their stance on the other side of the line. It’s kind of like the Republicans vs Democrats or the Auburn War Eagles vs the Alabama Crimson Tide. You pick your favorite rivalry. Your side will be better no matter what.

My money is on both to be winners. If you buy a Canon Rebel XSi or a Nikon D3000 you will be getting an awesome piece of photographic equipment. The technology keeps improving and the price continues to either stay the same or come down a bit with each new entry level DSLR.

Why choose to compare the new Nikon to the Rebel XSi instead of the newer T1i? Very simple – it’s because the Nikon does not have video (and neither does the XSi) but the Rebel T1i does have video. Additionally, the new Nikon is priced below the T1i, more in the price range of the Rebel XSi.

A quick note about the features of the Nikon D3000. The sensor has been increased to a respectable 10 megapixels compared to the 6 megapixel D40, a real plus for new camera buyers. According to the early reviews, the features that made the D40 and D60 so popular have been retained or improved.