Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP Digital SLR Camera with EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens

  • 15.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with improved noise reduction
  • EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM standard zoom lens included
  • Enhanced Live View shooting includes Face Detection Live mode
  • New Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction setting; HDMI output
  • Capture images to Compact Flash Type I or II memory cards (not included)

I was on the fence for awhile on whether I should purchase a new lens or camera body. So I decided to upgrade my lens first and purchased the 25-70 f2.8L and saw a nice improvement with my Rebel XTi. But it left me still wanting more detail and I was still not satisfied with the limited options I had available for manual settings/adjustments. Then I purchased the 50D body and WOW what a difference. The pictures are so amazingly clear and crisp. The 50D has never had another lens attached to it. The larger grip and layout is also fantastic and simply feels more comfortable to me to hand hold. I now use the camera for still life studio work, family photos and chasing my daughters as they play outdoor soccer (for closer shots) and indoor basketball (amazing pictures without a flash). Worth every penny!I purchased this camera from and was debating whether to buy XSI or 50D. Apparently, this camera is a backup body for my Canon 5D Mark II. So the cost of this camera, being a backup body, was needed to be justified. I tried Canon XSI first and although it has most of bells and whistles of 50D, I returned it back, only to get a more robust professional 50D body. I also purchased the extended 4 year warranty from N.E.W which I think is good to have, in case anything goes wrong. My 5 stars for this camera, although I love my 5D Mark II more…

Hi everyone,

I’m a mechanical engineer and a photographer who teaches photography and workes as an adviser. So I see nearly every model of camera, especially Canon and Nikon ones beacuse they are so popular.

I must say 50D is not a good decision for Canon user. Although its spects seems better than 40D or 500D the usage isnt that way. There is so many thing can be said but I’ll only say one important thing.

It gives realy realy soft images. Its details is realy bad that even some of the 12 MPx cameras gives better image qualty and detail. I advise you give more or less money but prefer an other model.I bought this camera about six months ago. Love it to pieces.

Last month however, Canon Released the: Digital Rebel T1i

for $300 less and here’s the kicker: THERE IS LITTLE TO NO DIFFERENCE


Check dpreview for a detailed description of both cameras. The sensor

used in this camera is the same one they placed in the T1i.

So then why would you buy this camera instead? I can only think of two:

a more solid body frame (doesn’t feel like plastic), and … the name (50D). As a photographer to certain people, the type of equipment you use, and the stigma behind it counts more than the actual pictures.

If you don’t really care about either one of the two reasons above, save yourself the $300 and buy a T1i. I have been an active hobbyist photographer for about 15 years. I started out with film cameras and have since moved on to digital. I have owned the original digital rebel, the Rebel XSi, and I recently purchased the T1i. I eventually returned the T1i and decided to upgrade to the next level. Nothing against the T1i, but it really didn’t provide the improvement I was looking for…the 50D does that and so much more. I have taken it through the paces that my XSi has gone through and it handled flower and landscape photography perfectly. Where the 50D really shines was in the realm of action photography. I am currently using a Sandisk Extreme 3 card (30MB/s). I was shooting some indoor action at ISO 600+ and it was amazing at catching the action without excessive graininess. Once I adjusted to the setting (I am still adjsuting to some), I find that setting up is a snap and the topside information screen is a real help. For those out there reading this review and debating whether it is time to take the plunge to the midrange, or stay in the rebel range, I would encourage you to give this camera a serious look over the T1i or XSi.

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