Canon EOS Rebel K2 35mm SLR Camera with EF 28 to 90mm II USM Lens

  • 35-zone metering system linked to 7-point high speed autofocus system
  • 12 shooting modes including 7 programmed image control modes
  • Advanced E-TTL flash metering system
  • Futuristic styling, innovative control layout and large LCD panel
  • Standard 28 to 90 mm (3.2x) zoom lens with quiet ultrasonic motor

I bought this camera for a photography class that I took over the summer at my university. While many of the Students bought traditional student models, like the Pentax k1000, I wanted to buy a more updated model. The Canon Rebel EOS K2 went above and beyond by expectations; it was easy to use, had multiple useful features, and produced amazing photographs. The best part about this camera is that a user can not only set an aperture/shutter speed, but select a mode where the camera itself will automatically select the appropriate details – the feature is very useful. Also, the camera has specific automatic modes that are designed for shooting close-ups, landscapes, moving objects, and low-lite subjects, which is very useful for novice-photographers. I was planning on selling it to some friends after I finished the class, but am now considering keeping it for taking more photos for fun. Great for the semi-professional parent with a baby or toddler. Love the crisp pictures it takes and I have a digital I also use but I’ve always held film in a special place since being my college editor back in the late 80’s and early 90’s before digital was the boom. Both lens are terrific and I am very pleased with the camera’s performance.I bought this camera from Walmart for my birthday present a year ago but had been drooling over it for longer then that. After a year i had to send it back to Cannon to have service because a problem when i first put it together (never put a camera together while driving it gets dust inside the mirror cavity). The camera cost me just under 200 the repairs and shipping cost me over 200 more and they didn’t get the dust out! I’ve learned my lesson because the dust never shows up on a print(yea!!!) the pictures look great! I even achieved a stop motion on a fountain while not knowing what the heck i was doing. All i need now is lessons on how to use all the features that I’ve been playing with (usually without film in) all in all I love this camera and it’s sad that it seems to be the last film SLR that cannon plans on making.simply great,effortless focusing and zooming and shutter is smooth enough to take high quality shots.battery consumption is low,images are sharp,crisp and controls are very easy to operate upon.

excellent product from canon,The information provided in the product description helped me choose what camera I wanted. The Canon Rebel with the 28-210 Lens kit is great!!!

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