How To Find Digital Camera Bargains

Recognizing a good digital bargain, is only part of the challenge. Knowing where to find them is the real trick. You could check the usual suspects. eBay or Craigslist perhaps? The problem is you and another million or so internet shoppers are thinking the same thing. Garage sales can be hit and miss, and chances are your buddy next door is not interested in selling his camera just because Sony and Canon have been unleashing new gadgets every other day. Don’t even think about buying from family, that almost never ends well. Unless of course you plan on leaving the country.

So, where and how does one go about find digital camera bargains? For starters look where no one else is looking. The best places, are usually the least obvious.

Amazon is not a bad choice, as most people think they only sell new stuff. The truth is, a lot of smaller independent sellers use their online site to move their inventory. There are plenty of used and discontinued cameras to found if you spend a little time surfing the site. The best part, is everything you buy is backed by the Amazon name, and their generous return policy.

A real hidden gem for bargains is discussion forums. There are all kind of forums related to digital cameras out there. Photography forums, Canon camera forums, Nikon camera forums, professional photographer forums, paparazzi forums, Pentax camera forums, nude photography forums, glamor photography forums, and so on and so on… Just Google around a bit and you’ll find them. Now because photographers are frequently upgrading their equipment, they often have older pristine condition camera gear to unload. These forums often have sell / trade / buy pages specifically for this purpose.