I Find A Photography Goldmine, A Closet Full Of Camera Equipment

I was going through one of our closets looking for something. It was a closet that I normally don’t go into because all it has in it are towels and bathroom stuff. I happened to look up on a shelf and I saw an old tan leather case which I knew contained some of my wife’s old camera stuff. Years ago, before we met, she was involved in photograhy.

She used to take pictures of weddings and special events and then take orders for prints. She had totally forgotten what type of camera equipment she had.

Well, being the curious sort that I am I took the case down and laid everything out in the floor. I was shocked, she had a goldmine of all kinds of photography equipment. I found two Pentax 35mm film cameras. Plus, all different kinds of lens. I found a telephoto lens that will go up to 300mm and a 24mm wide angle lens.

There were several other lenses in between. If only I could make them work on my digital camera I’d have it made. Well, I guess I’m going to have to take some film pictures now that I have access to all this equipment. A little more study required, but I’ll bet it will be worth it.