Leica Geovid BRF 10×42 – Find Out Why Leica Is One of The Best

You are looking for some new binoculars to take on your trip to Africa. You have no idea what all the numbers mean, or what to buy. A friend told you about the Leica Geovid BRF 10×42 binoculars but you have no idea what the numbers mean. Almost all binoculars are labeled with two numbers, 10×42. Some binoculars have three numbers. The binoculars with three numbers are zoom binoculars.

What do the numbers mean?

The first number is the magnification number. Magnification is simply the number of times an image is enlarged when you are looking through the binoculars. You might also think of it as the number of times closer the image appears to you. When using the 10×42 Leica Geovid BRF binoculars, your subject will appear ten times closer to you when viewing through the binoculars. Note: a zoom range binocular can zoom in and out between the first two numbers. They are multi-magnification binoculars. It should also be noted that the 10 X magnification is the highest magnification you can utilize without using a tripod.

What does the second number mean?

The second number is the diameter of each front lens. They are measured in millimeters. You should remember that this number relates to performance. The larger the second number the more light is used and the brighter the image. The larger front lens will make your binoculars heavier though.

The Leica Geovid BRF 10×42 also offers a laser range finder. This makes them terrific on the range. You no longer need a range finder and binoculars. You can range your weapon directly from your binoculars. The Leica Geovid BRF binoculars save money because you no longer need a separate range finder.