Leica Mini Digital Camera

The latest Leica mini digital camera offered by Minox can make an ideal choice which perfectly combines classical vintage style and outstanding technology in just one unit. The compact and stylish digital camera features a commanding 32 megabytes internal memory, 1.5 inch color display, 5 mega-pixels resolution and around 2 GB space for storage on SD cards to help photographers take images in the best quality. Being exceptionally effortless to use, this latest camera from Minox is one of the best choice for all those who need to get into photography.

This equipment is tiny enough to fit in your pocket making it an ideal device for all the sports personals. Movie sequences can even be recorded though its DCC technology in AVI format. The digital camera offers a magnificent quality images and hence is a popular choice among people who have great photographic skills. Being designed with 5 mega-pixels resolution, the images taken are perfectly explained through its higher tone. Some other great features of this digital camera include the lenses, a picture editing system and the sensors. These great features along with others are combined in this digital camera to offer magnificent image quality. The essential speed of ISO 160 in union with the CCD picture sensors which is extremely low sound, works perfectly with the camera. ISO 25000 is said to be the fastest speed needed and so there are different ranges from minimum to maximum.

This actually makes the use of Leica M3 digital camera with light photography one of the best choices. However, this has really been one of the best features of the M model. This latest mini digital camera is an adorable and impressive mini camera which is wrapped with scale reproduction of 1/3 of the new Leica rangefinder. This latest miniature digital camera appears to be one of the best choices which cost just about $225. Some other amazing features of this digital camera includes excellent video mode that can capture motions in AVI format, digital zoom of 4X, 5 mega-pixels resolution, 1.5 inches LCD/TFT screen display, 32 megabytes internal memory, USB interface that includes a cable, Li-ion rechargeable batteries, SD card space to extend the memory to more than 8 GB and is compatible with the Classic camera series of Minox digital cameras.

So, with all these excellent features, this latest offers a detail setting and the best quality images to anyone looking to capture perfect images. The CCD imaging sensor of this digital camera was specially created to fit the settings of the entire series and due to this the resolution of 5 mega-pixels is magnificent. This latest CCD technology helps in reducing the noise considerably making the photographer to get excellent quality photos. Overall, the Leica mini digital camera is entirely covered with all the necessary features making this camera the best choice for everyone.