Minolta Maxxum STsi Panorama Date 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 35-80mm Lens

  • Compact, lightweight single-lens reflex camera for novice and advanced users alike
  • Detachable 35-80mm lens included
  • Selectable autofocus or manual focus
  • Through-the-lens, 8-segment honeycomb-pattern, or spot metering
  • Panorama mode and date imprinting included

I bought this 35mm SLR camera for the price and the multitude of features it boasts: multiple exposure, bracketing, panaorama along with the standard $400 2000 model 35mm SLR cameras. I eventually went digital with a the more pricey Nikon D80 one year ago and sold this camera with my 28-80mm Sigma macro zoom lens and my 28-200mm zoom lens for $100.

This camera was a bargain at the original price I paid for it, but I eventually could get more bang-for-the-buck with a digital camera.

Pros–Fully automatic to fully manual. This camera boasts a great range of shutter speeds and aperatures–aperatures dependant on the lens(es), but you can program your own shutter speed (BULB) which can produce some stunning special effects and nighscapes/cityscapes.

It’s very easy to use if you read the user manual and you are somewhat familiar with cameras. Within a week, I learned how to use every feature.

Cons–the main dial is slightly uncomfortable to turn and may leave a temporary imprint on your finger.

While it boasts great metering, the honeycomb system is not all it’s cracked up to be, and neither is the center weighted or sport. With center-weighted, my pictures of heavy contrast were overexposed on the white areas, and I am disappointed that I could never get a good picture of my black and white cat.

This camera is full of suprises, and with 35mms, you only see the prints after you’ve taken them, so if technical results are of importance to you, you may want to skip this camera. I got several photos in which the colors were grossly innacurate. A gray shadow came out as orange.

The pop-up flash is not very good. It is about standard for any $40-200 camera.

All-in-all, if you’re still opting for processing in the darkroom, this is a good buy if it’s under $90.

I am happy I purchased this. It launched my photography hobby, and I had people from art.com wanting to purchase many prints I took using this camera.

If you want something professional, look elsewhere, but all-in-all, it is a decent camera. I recently purchased the STsi as a “step-up” from my QTsi (also a great camera) and I truly enjoy learning about its various special features.

This is a great camera for intermediate and more advanced photographers, and even recommended to professional photographers as well. Still very user-friendly, like the more basic QTsi, the STsi is the ideal camera for those who want to take that “next step” in their photographic adventures.At first I was wary of buying a product that wasn’t completely new, and for such a reasonable price. But as soon as I got the camera, I found that it was extremely easy to use, and the only a quick reading of the instructions is necessary to be able to use all of its functions.

Very light, and it seems durable enough (I’ve thunked mine twice now and still no damage!!!) the Minolta is very suitable for carrying around to family parties, vacations, and just about any other type of event. It’s very easy to turn on, as opposed to other SLR’s that I’ve seen; you just have to switch the button and take the lens cap off and it’s already set to your previous modes. After using simple digital cameras along with regular 35mm ones, I find that this one is simple enough for the everyday photographer to use, yet it has all of the functions and gizmos that the serious amateur loves. The manual and auto focus is wonderful, and the flash turns out well almost every time; only slight adjustments are needed for night pictures, as with every camera. The only VERY SMALL complaint that I would have is that there is a bit of red eye, even with the reduction, amongst people who have blue eyes. But that’s easily reparable on a computer or at a photo editing store. Very good camera for your buy!This Camera s quiet good for learner because the feature is simple. But if you wan tot used manual shoot you will have a problem. Event it’s offering the manual Aperture and Speed but it’s difficult to use. The feature is close to the automatic pocket camera. The differentiation is only the lens because we can use the Minolta series of lens from 80 m to more. If you want the camera with automatic adjustment for aperture, speed and focus, and want to take a best shoot with various lenses, this is appropriate for you. But when you start using manual adjustment you will have a problem.8/28/02
as an aspiring photographer, i wanted an inexpensive camera, but one that i knew was a smart buy. since i bought the STsi, i have propably gone through 50 if not more rolls of film, i started using it in february. this camera is so easy to use, it already has pre-programmed modes. also, you can very easily select different shutter speeds, aperture modes, or change from manual to automatic, and change the iso. i was so surprised when i found out all the features that it had.
and it’s even better if you buy a telephoto lens.
[i would though, recommend buying an extra lens filter just for insurance, it's a lot cheaper than buying a whole new zoom lens.]

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