NIKON N65 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Nikon AF Lens

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Bright viewfinder
  • Smart light metering systems
  • Five full coverage AF sensors
  • Exclusive Nikon flash exposure technology

He is an excellent seller and I wouldn’t recommend buying from any other merchant. He is very respectable, generous, convienent, curtious, friendly, and timely. Buying from him was a wonderful experience. Not only was the product in excellent condition, but when I made an error on my part he was more than willing to help me. It truely was a pleasure doing business with him

-Jennifer R. GreenI recieved the camera very quickly and was in peak condition and even with film and batteries. There were a few pics on the roll though of flowers. The seller emailed me the instructions as well. Would definently recommend it as a camera, and the seller as well.I have had this camera for about 7 months now and have shot many rolls of film through it and it continues to amaze me on how good of pictures I can get with it. I’m just starting out in photography so it fits me very well. It allows me to go all manual when I need to and has really given me consistent results. It has a ton of features that I haven’t even tapped into yet to improve picture quality in different situations. I do alot of research before I purchase anything and this camera was highly recommended by proffesional photographers and amateurs alike as a perfect beginner to intermediate camera. I have also seen alot of pictures taken with this camera and they are incredible. Overall I love the camera and can’t wait to take more pictures with it.Ok, so it’s not digital, but it has features that most digitals don’t have. Just have an N65 along with a digital like me because it’s still nice to get same day or one hour prints developed. I just love the Auto Exposure Bracketing and Mulitple Exposure capability. The auto focus helps alot. It’s a good flash photography camera too. The Vari-Program on the N65 is lots of fun for an amature like you. In certain modes you can set a desired shutter speed and aperture.I purchased the N65 for a young nephew who’s just getting involved in photography. For the most part, this camera fits his needs. It’s highly automated and allows him to do high speed photography (sports), something many point and shoot 35mm cameras simply can’t do.

I’ve been using a Nikon N70, an older and somewhat more advanced camera, for about ten years. I’ve always been pleased with it, for the most part. One of the drawbacks, however, was its lack of a focus assist light. The N65 delivers this. The N65 also has a more advanced focus system, especially for moving objects. Again, great for shooting sports.

The N65 has all the standard modes – Full auto, aperature priority, shutter priority, portrait, sports, night, landscape, manual, etc. As a hardcore user I find some these things unnecessary. Still, I can see why other users would like these extra fuctions.

Unlike the N70, the N65 in low light situations, in auto modes (auto, portrait, etc.), will release the flash without input from the user. This is probably a great function for novice users. As someone who can take a handheld shot at 1/15 or even 1/8 of a second, without using a flash, I found this feature annoying. The user can circumvent this feature by using the manual modes (e.g. aperature priority).

Another feature lacking on the N65 is a spot meter button. This comes in handy in difficult lighting situations (e.g. half the image is in sunlight, the other in shade) when a center metering system will fail completely.

I also found the N65, like most of the modern SLRS, as just a bit too flimsy. (The heavier N70, when first released, was considered “cheap” by pro users.) It’s mostly plastic and it feels like it will break easily if dropped. This is true with SLRs made by all the major manufacturers. The 28-80mm lens also shares this cheap feel.

The N65 is a bargain for novice users with prices on 35mm cameras falling steadily as digital begins to dominate the market. Another good camera in this price range is the Canon K2. Still, if you want control over your images or you need something tough and sturdy, it would be best to either pay more for a better camera or, at the other extreme, buy an older used Nikon from the days when they built cameras to last.

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