Nikon Digital Cameras – Something For Everybody

Nikon has always been one of the reliable names in the field of photography, having produced a number of top quality cameras since the time of its foundation. Today, it boasts of a wide range of digital cameras that come in the form of compact point and shoot and more complex DSLRs for the professionals.

Its line of consumer level CoolPix compact point and shoot digital cameras are widely admired not only because they are of high quality but also because of its user-friendliness. Its high-end digital SLR meanwhile, which caters to those who are more serious in photography, offering superior functions, razor-sharp quality and stunning colors.

Latest Offerings

Adding to the line of its prime collection of CoolPix cameras, Nikon produced the CoolPix L19, an effective 8-megapixel camera with 3.6 optical zoom and a 2.7-inch high-resolution LCD screen. It is also equipped with the new EXPEED image processor, which guarantees excellent pictures with sharp and bright colors. This camera is also perfect for those who are tightening up their belts in this time of economic crisis since this is the least expensive product from their line of CoolPix cameras.

Another new offering from Nikon is the CoolPix S630 that features a 12-megapixel image sensor, a 7x optical zoom, and EXPEED image processor. It also comes with a true mechanical image stabilization, which the L19 does not have. This camera is available in various colors such as jet black, titanium silver, midnight blue, ruby red and royal purple. Its overall performance is great although the video is limited to the 640 x 480 video resolution.

The Nikon P90, meanwhile, prides itself with having one of the biggest optical zooms in the market today. It actually features a whopping 24x optical zoom, even larger than most DSLRs. Aside from that, it captures an effective 12-megapixel images and includes a 3-inch multi-angle LCD screen that can be tilted. Moreover, it has a 4-way vibration reduction and a Smart Portrait System. This is the ideal option for photographers who want to capture vast landscapes or up-close shots of sports actions.

As for Nikon’s Digital SLRs, it creates the impressive Nikon D5000, which is said to be the low-cost and consumer-oriented counterpart of D90. It is the second DSLR with an HD video capability after D90 and its features are generally the same with only slight differences. This DSLR has a 12.3-megapixel sensor, 2.7-inch revolving LCD screen. A great buy for photographers who want to enjoy some of the features of D90 for a smaller price tag.

Caring for your Nikon Digicam

Nikon digital camera parts like the lens, viewfinder and the LCD screen are the most important facets of the camera that should be taken care of. For the lens, it is advisable to dust off the dirt with a blower regularly. Never touch the lens, viewfinder or LCD screen with your fingers. Take off digital camera batteries when you are not using your camera. Store your camera in a cool dry place. Furthermore, inspect your camera regularly and bring immediately to an experienced Nikon digital camera repair shop if there are any signs of defects.

Premium quality and performance are probably two of the most obvious reasons why many people go for this brand. Most of the cameras that carry this name produce crisp, sharp, and stunning photographs that can make even amateur photographers look like a pro.