Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with Image Stabilization (Body Only)

  • 10-megapixel CMOS sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints
  • Lightweight ergonomic design; body only, lenses sold separately
  • Enhanced in-body Image Stabilization with Supersonic Wave Drive technology
  • Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment technologies; Perfect Shot Preview
  • Compatible with CompactFlash Type I and II, Microdrives, and xD-Picture Cards (not included)

Just went by the reviews on Amazon and the more expensive model of the same lineage. I am quite pleased with the speed and quality of pictures. Hunts a bit in low light, but the colors in the picture are quite good. Overall, a good buy for the money and an easy picture taker.I absolutely love the E-520. I have bought five lenses for it so far; my favorite for sharpness is the 50mm f/2 prime lens, but for extra wide, I like the 9-18mm. I have the 70-300mm as well, and it can shoot a bird at 200 feet and put it right in your face.

I am also very impressed with the kit lenses. I do a lot of manual focusing and shooting, and these lenses are sharp… truly unbelievable for the price, and they stand up well against some very expensive glass by other manufacturers. Over the years, I have spent a LOT more money for lenses that turned out to be inferior to these.

Olympus makes some of the top lenses in the world.

The menu on the E-520 was easy for me to understand from the start, but I’ve been shooting with SLRs for over 40 years. Even though the E-520 is called an “entry level” SLR, it might prove daunting for a beginning photographer. Nonetheless, if you are mildly familiar with f-stops, apertures, shutter speed and film speed (or equivalent), I think you’ll find this an easy camera to operate.

I have spent hours at [...] comparing studio photos and resolution charts as shot by various cameras. Olympus measures very well against the big money cameras in the studio shots. In the resolution charts, though, Olympus falls behind. So, if you need the absolute best digital image money can buy and you can afford [...], buy the new Nikon; or, shell out [...] for a Canon Mark II or III. All these cameras will give you better resolution than any Olympus camera.

BUT… Although the price of those cameras is many times higher than your E-520, the quality of their pictures is not much higher. And, by the way, in my opinion the E-520 shoots better pictures than the E-30 or the E-3.

I don’t do magazine layouts or commercial photography; however, on occasion, I do like to blow a picture up to 16×20 or larger, and the E-520 gives very satisfying results.

Moreover, Olympus has given me GREAT service. I have had to return two lenses for various reasons. In one case, Olympus shipped me a brand new lens; in the other case, they repaired the lens and had it back to me within the week; no questions, no hassle.

This is my first DSLR. I saw it on promo at a local electronics store with the extra lens – It was the best deal I saw on a DSLR. So, I went and read the reviews on this camera and decided to take the plunge.

I take loads of pictures of my dogs (show dogs) and thought this camera would give me more definition and clarity…and it does not disappoint.

I simply LOVE this camera. The pictures are awesome and for a newby to the DSLR world, it is fairly easy to learn (although there is loads more for me to learn and I intend on doing my homework). This camera makes you want to learn cause the pictures are so awesome and if it’s doing such a great job on automatic, I just can’t imagine all the things it’ll do once I learn a bit more.

My friend went and bought a 14 mp Sony and although it is nice, the pictures are no better and the price tag was much heftier…and without the extra lens. Nope…I made the RIGHT DECISION.

I’m starting to invest in some accessories. I really want the 300mm lens, but just can’t afford it right now (any hints on a good alternative?). I bought a 500/1000 lens for long shots…now I need a monopod cause that lens makes my camera shake (too long to keep your hand steady). I’m also looking at the LOWEPRO 350 which will take both the camera and accessories as well as my 17″ laptop – think that will be my next purchase!

BUY THIS CAMERA – it’s simply AWESOME!!!I thought the camera was a lot more then what it is.I have used it and am not inpressed with it’s preforamce.I’m compareing it to my Nikon D100. I’llkeep on trying and see what I get

HJWinstonI use a Canon Rebel XSI at work. I bought the E520 for my personal use. It’s a great camera at a much better price. I wold highly recommend it.

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