Pentax Digital Camera – The Best Pentax Digital Camera Reviews


Pentax, a popular brand in the digital world, is completely owned brand of Hoya Corporation. The company was found by Kumao Kajiwara in Tokyo, Japan during the year 1919. The Pentax digital camera was the first candidate to slot in a pentaprism view finder and a response mirror setup.

During 1960’s, a campaign slogan for Pentax spoke “just hold a Pentax”. That little statement was more than enough to speak for Pentax.

Market Capture

In the year 2005, Pentax Corporation clubbed with Samsung Techwin to do work in the field of camera technologies and retook market from Canon and Nikon. Then both of these majors started manufacturing new DSLR products from this collaboration. The Pentax *istDS2 and *istDL2 models were also seen as the Samsung GX-1S and GX-1L.


The cameras that were manufactured by Pentax Corporation during 1960’s-70 were compact and functional, with smooth controls for operating. The design of the body was simple and clean, with not many fancy trappings. No sooner did you picked one up and held it; your hands knew that it had a precision device capable of delivering the highest quality results.

As such Pentax manufactures a large range of digital cameras, ranging from tiny point & shoots till full-featured SLRs; the major business of the company is composed by its compact Optio series of cameras. Some of the latest digital cameras from Pentax are the Pentax K200D, Pentax K20D, Pentax Optio W60, Pentax K10D.

The Pentax K20D digital SLR model follows the footsteps of the company’s successful K10D model. The K20D camera is a newly manufactured 14.6-megapixel with CMOS sensor. The Pentax K20D continues to provide both; the dust-reduction policies used in the K10D as well as K100D cameras like vibration of the sensor which will remove the dust particles. Pentax has even included a “dust alert” functionality which helps more leaning methods, by locating exactly on which part of the sensor do the stubborn dust particles reside.