Pentax Digital Cameras – Waterproof Models Are Well Worth The Money

To say that Pentax digital cameras are at the top of the waterproof digital camera market when it comes to the needs of the casual picture taker would not be going overboard. Who doesn’t want to be able to snap plenty of photos while on vacation or at special events?

If you are not a professional photographer or even an amateur photography enthusiast you are likely not looking to spend a large sum of money to purchase an expensive digital camera that is loaded with a bunch of features that you really have no interest in.

Optio W30 is the premier waterproof brand of Pentax digital cameras. While these digital cameras will not be taking any high definition photographs hundreds of feet beneath the ocean they will however take fantastic underwater photos up to a depth of ten feet underneath the water.

The closest competitor to the waterproof line of pentax digital cameras offers a digital camera with the capability of takeing underwater pictures up to a depth of thirty-three feet. This model of waterproof digital camera is much more expensive then the more reasonably priced Optio W30 making it a much smarter purchase.

A depth of between 31-34 feet would be excellent for a shallow water snorkeling experience, unfortunately those that enjoy scuba diving are not likely to be attracted. Digicams that use waterproof casings are an alternative for those that may be requiring more advanced equipment. If you are simply looking for a great waterproof digital camera that is affordable and easy to use then you will be more then pleased with what the waterproof line of Pentax digital cameras can provide for you. An Optio W30 provides great additional value to consumers as it takes fantastic pictures both in and out of the water.

Those that are looking for a great quality digital camera will be more then pleased with the level of resolution that the Optio W30 will give them. The waterproof line of Pentax digital cameras is extremely popular due to it’s affordability making in a great alternative to the pricier lines of high end waterproof digital cameras. The Optio W30 facilitates great quality close up pictures through having a 6x optical zoom in additional to face recognition and macro photography capabilities which allows the picture taker to capture their subject as close as a half inch away.

When you are changing the batteries or removing the memory card in the Optio W30 you need to do so with care, making sure that your hands are completely dry as the accessories in this digital camera are not covered by the waterproof function.