Pentax K2000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DA L Lens and AF200FG Flash

  • 10.2-megapixel resolution captures enough detail for poster-sized prints
  • Includes 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DA L lens and AF200FG flash
  • 2.7-inch wide-view LCD panel; Shake Reduction Technology
  • Dedicated, reprogrammable Help button displays information on LCD
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

This camera takes excellent pictures both outdoors and indoors. The menu is easy to access. Buttons are similiar to other Pentax cameras. The largest print I make is a 5 x 7. Noise is minimal, even at ISO 3200 indoors. I went to a museum and took some shots using the museum setting (no flash), again great pictures.

I use an 18 – 200 zoom lense. When using the flash I do have to be careful not to zoom. I have had a few pictures come out to dark because I was beyond the range of the flash. However, using a higher ISO takes care of this problem, or just moving in closer.

I use AA Lithium Ultimate batteries. I haven’t used up a set yet, I’ve used them before and am sure they will last for over a thousand pictures. Camera is always ready, I don’t need to worry about charging batteries.

Sure there are additional features available on more expensive cameras, but I’m not willing to pay the money. I don’t strive to be any type of professional photographer. I just wanted a camera that would take better quality pictures at higher ISOs than compact point and shoot cameras. This one is it.

I’ve used some of the maual settings with success, a fun camera!

The camera was shipped as requested to my son’s place very promptly. however, the ad did not tell you that the built in flash on the camera did not function. I feel it was a rather misleading. But when I received it the 30 day return had gone by.I bought this as a birthday gift to my wife. She likes it very much. This camera is very light and using 4 AA batteries, which is good for traveling. The white balance is accurate and the focusing speed is faster then previous DSLRs form Pentax, such as K100d.My K100D still works great, but it’s starting to feel a bit dated with its slower autofocus system and lack of SDM lens support. Since K2000s are getting so inexpensive, I decided to pick one up for a minor upgrade.

My initial impression was that the K2000 is heavy. It actually weighs slightly less than the K100D, but the smaller hand grip makes it feel heavier to me. The hand grip is less bulbous so it doesn’t fill into my hand nearly as well, but I suppose that the hand grip was the only part that could be drastically reduced in size without making the camera feel unbalanced.

I also immediately noticed the missing LED screen at the top. Fortunately, all of the information is clearly and brightly displayed on the back LCD screen now. The new interface is actually very, very well designed. It’s familiar enough that I could jump right in, and intuitive enough that I quickly figured out the new shortcuts and features. I’m finding the autofocus to be pretty quick and camera operation a bit quieter. Overall, I find the K2000 to be extremely usable.

The switch to the 10MP sensor finally gives me ISO 100 and smaller ISO increments for more control, but I’m also noticing much more noise than with the wonderful 6MP sensor in my K100D. With my K100D, I found ISO 800 to be very usable, but I’m afraid of pushing beyond ISO 400 with the K2000. I think this is something that I’ll just have to get used to when I’m framing and exposing scenes.

The DA L kit lens seems to be about the same as my old DA 18-55mm, except for the plastic mount and sticker badge. You also don’t get a lens hood. I haven’t really tried the AF200FG flash because I have the AF360FGZ, but it seems appropriate for an entry level kit flash.

Pros (relative to the K100D):

+ Smaller and slightly lighter than the K100D.

+ 10MP sensor that gives more control over ISO.

+ Incredibly intuitive interface.

+ Sv (sensitivity) mode! I didn’t have this before on the K100D.

+ Excellent mix of pro and non-pro features like the Help button, which can also be changed to be the RAW button.

+ Despite the cheaper construction, the kit lens still feels solid and comparable to my old 18-55mm that has a metal mount.

Cons (Relative to the K100D):

- The 10MP sensor is noisier than what I’m used to. I’ve seen some amazing pictures taken with this sensor though so I’ll have to learn the limits of this camera.

- The ergonomics of the body aren’t quite as good as the K100D. It’s probably perfect for people with smaller hands though.

- The DA L kit lens has a plastic mount, a sticker badge, and no lens hood.

UPDATE 7/28/09: I took my K2000 to San Diego Comic-Con and I must say that it performed admirably at ISO 800. I found that as long as I expose properly (preposterous!), the noise levels are totally acceptable. It’s a bit more fussy than the K100D when underexposing at the same sensitivity, but I’m no longer afraid of using this sensor at ISO 800.This is one great camera for those jumping to DSLR from Point and Shoot. I like that it uses AA batteries and they seem to never run out. It also uses SD memory cards so getting good deals on memory should not be a problem.

The bundle has a nice external flash. Yes, no tilting but it does have a diffuser and it is way better than any of the build in flashes of any entry level DSLR.

The kit lens is of good quality and very light. My only issue is that it has a plastic mount. I upgraded to the Pentax DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL II as my regular walk around lens but the one you get is still a great lens for a kit lens.

My favorite feature is the picture preview option where a picture is taken, not saved to memory, only to buffer and will show shadow and highlight warnings.

I recommend changing to Picture color Natural for more accurate colors. I shoot Raw (DNG in this case) and use Adobe Photoshop to develop and I get amazing quality.

Do note that Noise Reduction is disabled by default and that there is a small firmware update over at the Pentax web site. I set the Noise Reduction to weakest with good results.

The camera feels solid, shoots fast, focuses fast and the price is right.

As I said before, I got the Pentax DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL II and then plan to get the Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD Macro Zoom Lens and the Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 Lens to complete my other needs.

I would recommend this bundle to anyone moving to DSLR, you will not be disappointed. I have 7 other cameras, all of them Point and Shoot and I can’t match the quality pictures of this camera under any lighting condition with them.

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