Review of the Nikon N50

The N50 is professional style digital made by Nikon.The camera is in the digital 35mm range, and is one of the most used cameras today. It has an auto focus with a manual option, and has center matrix metering. The N50 has a total of 35 lens options, allowing user to customize shots and adapt zoom possibility.

Ease of use
The Nikon N50 was designed specifically to be easy to use. You can manually change settings to get the exact photo you want, or you can hand it to a kid, allowing it to focus and set itself. The N50 makes taking digitals easy.

The N50 has been selling for almost ten years with minimal changes. This fact tells all, Nikon made a long lasting winner when they designed the N50. The camera is rugged and continues to perform over time.

Picture Quality
The camera continues to take great shots! If you take a look in some digital camera forums, you will quickly see that many have ten year old N50s. They continue to praise the quality of photos that they have been able to take. Shots are properly focused every time using the auto focus, the feature is finely tuned and performs exceptionally.

Shutter Speed
The N50 is a basic camera. There are cameras out there with a much higher shutter speed, and so if you need a really fast shutter, this might not be the camera for you. Nikon has an upgraded model that will take care of you there, the Nikon D200. The speed of this shutter is plenty for most.

Since the N50 won’t be on the market for too much longer, the internet has been flooded with people selling new and used N50 models. I recommend it to all beginning photo amateurs. Although the N50 is functional and takes great shots, I wouldn’t recommend it to camera professionals. The lack of features and slow shutter speed impose limitations I can’t deal with.

If you’re a beginner, it’s all you’ll need.