Samsung GX-20 14.6MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens

  • Advanced digital SLR camera with 14.6-Megapixel image CMOS Sensor, up to 46723104 stills resolution – We recommend purchasing an optional 4GB SD Memory Card for practical usage
  • Lens Mount PENTAX KAF2 bayonet mount
  • Usable Lens – Schneider D-XENON, D-XENOGON, and SAMSUNG lens and the full range of Pentax, KAF2, KAF and KA mount lenses.
  • Viewfinder Type – Pentaprism, Natural-Bright-Matte II Focusing Screen
  • Field of View – 95%

All I can say, is that if I could give this camera 10 stars, I would!!! I love the clarity of the pictures and find the camera easy to use. This is the third Samsung camera that I have purchased, and I’m sure I’ll continue to purchase from the company in the future.I have used The Samsung GX20 for over half a year now and I have nothing bad to say about it. The manual is well organized and written to be used. The camera itself is a very sturdy and handy beast with all it’s controls in the right places. The anti-shake works phenomenally well. This Samsung GX20 consistently produces very pleasing images with nothing but the kit lens, my old eyes and average skills.

The kit lens that comes with the GX20, the Samsung 18-55mm zoom, is a fine zoom lens, I used to think about eventually buying a Pentax 35mm or 31mm prime to add more flexibility in focal lengths for the same prime lens work that my f1.4 50mm pentax prime occasionally gets, but I find the 18-55mm Samsung Zoom lens is doing that work so well that I very seldom use the 50mm, and I never feel compelled to actually part with the money that it would take to add either of those two primes to the outfit.

I also carry a pentax 18-250mm zoom lens that was the workhorse of my GX10 outfit. It has a bad habit of extending full length under the influence of gravity, but is otherwise good enough to be a one lens for everything solution. It is not as exceptional in image quality as the 18-55mm Samsung zoom, but it is still very surprising for a zoom of that range, and it is more flexible on a walkabout. If you are going out with only one lens, you will be torn between them. The Sigma 12-24 widens my view field enough for architectural image making, which I do often. It has very little spherical distortion for a lens this wide and consistently produces images that require little or no post processing. I also carry a Pentax f1.4 50mm prime and 100mm macro. Both are excellent lenses on either camera for low light, and high quality image making, and they excel for both portrait and macro work.

I also bought the Samsung GX10 and loved it. I still have it. I like Samsung’s controls design better than the Pentax version of both of these cameras, and I never saw the point of yet another proprietary RAW format. Samsung’s use of the Adobe RAW format just saves me a step after the shoot.

When the GX20 came out, I responded to the lure of the new CMOS sensor and half again more image size. I find the the image quality and color rendition very very good with both cameras, but I know which camera to use if I want ultimate quality. Both the Samsung GX10 and GX20 cameras were very easy for me to get comfortable with in only a day or two. After half a year with the GX20 now, I am much more adept at using the controls instinctively, and the images just keep getting better. I can tell it will take years for me to really tap all the potential of these tools.

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