Sony Alpha A700K 12.24MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 Aspherical ED Lens

  • 12.24-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor captures enough detail for poster-size prints
  • Kit includes 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 Aspherical ED lens
  • In-camera image stabilization and anti-dust vibration systems; Eye-Start Autofocus system
  • 3-inch LCD display; 11-point autofocus system; 40-segment multi-pattern honeycomb metering
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery; stores images on CF I/II and Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo cards

Even though this is not the absolute top of the line, it is certainly worthy of high praise. I am not a professional photographer, but I do take high level (raw) shots, edit them on photoshop and post to websites and make brochures and business cards from my photos. This camera pretty much does all I ask. The biggest selling point was that the anti-shake feature is built into the camera and not the lens. I would recommend this camera to just about anyone. Down side is that it doesn’t have wide format. That is a couple of thousand more that I didn’t have. extremely pleased with this camera. especially combined with the sony lens 18-250 mm. recommend to upgrade to last fw asap. this did really improve some focus issues for me and overall image quality.Great for causal use, good performance/price ratio.

Back focus issue with SAL50F14 (50mm/1.4F) & SAL18200 (18~200mm) depending on aperture & zoom settings, couldn’t be fixed after 3 repair trips, tired of it, now stuck with blurry quick shots (some of them); if you are slow shooter and have more time to adjusting focus (compensating the back focus) for every photo, it’s still a great camera.

Many complain on web about A700 back focus issue, be aware!I totally enjoy using this camera. Its low noise capability (after installing V4) exceeds my old Minolta 5D even though it has twice the amount of pixels.


- very fast focusing

- great low light capability

- great LCD

- great ergonomics

- 5 fps and addictive shutter sound :)


- so so jpeg output (raw is much better)

LENS: for $200 extra, the 18-200mm Sony lens can be added to the Sony Alpha 700 camera body: Sony DT 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Aspherical ED High Magnification Zoom Lens for Sony Alpha Digital SLR Camera (see Amazon page, a $330 discount is applied if the 18-200mm lens is ordered with the Sony Alpha 700 camera body). Originally priced at $499, this is a high-quality lens, very sharp at most focal lengths. For $200 extra, it is not just a bargain – it’s a steal.

SONY A700 CAMERA: I’m very pleased with the Sony Alpha 700.

(1) PLEASANT SURPRISE: the Sony (Alpha) A700 is only slightly bigger than my Minolta Maxxum 7 film SLR. Many digital SLR’s are big and clunky; the A700 is almost as easy to carry as a film SLR.

(2) EXCELLENT CONTROLS! Three buttons on the top right of the A700 give immediate access to Exposure Compensation, ISO setting, and White Balance – each of these can be adjusted quickly, for each shot. (ISO setting is like being able to change film speed, for each shot; White Balance is like setting film type – Daylight, Tungsten, or other – for each shot)

(3) EASY, QUICK MENUS. I never imagined I would praise the menus on a digital camera. On my 3 megapixel Olympus point-and-shoot, changing a setting requires laborious searches through stacks of submenus. The menu layout on the Sony A700 is head-and-shoulders superior to any point-and-shoot I have used. Two or at most three clicks suffice to change any setting. Using menus on the A700 is almost a pleasure.

(4) PHOTO QUALITY. The Sony Alpha 700 uses essentially the same photo-sensor that Sony supplies to Nikon for the top-of-the-line Nikon D300. Its picture quality is at the top of the class.

I first bought a digital camera 8 years ago, but never enjoyed using point-and-shoot digital cameras. Poor controls, really lousy viewfinders, sloppy and inaccurate autofocus, long shutter lags which make action photography impossible, all made me dislike point-and shoot digital cameras. For photography where the pictures mattered, I continued to use a high-quality film SLR camera. The Sony Alpha 700 is the first digital camera I have used that performs as well as a top-quality film SLR. This is the first digital camera that I enjoy using.

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