The Nikon D40 in Review – What a Sweet Carry Around Camera

There are many serious in-depth reviews of the Nikon D40 digital camera, but here is a quick look at why it is such a fun and convenient tool for both pros and beginners alike.

Nikon has been known as one of the most dominant leaders in the industry. Their cameras are some of the best ever made, and are leading sellers, along with some very good Canon cameras.

However for the bargain low price, the Nikon D40 Camera could be the smallest, most sophisticated and convenient camera that anyone has to offer. Weighing only 16oz., its compact and stylish appearance makes it the perfect travel camera for expert photographers, or carry around camera for the picture taker in the park.

You can capture beautiful memories with the easy to use intuitive controls.

It has a fast startup and shutter response time, shooting up to 2.5 frames per second with its rapid action feature.

The Nikon D40 Camera has a high resolution quality, using a 6.1 mega pixel DX format and a CCD imaging sensor, to assure color and sharpness.

It also includes a 3xAF-S DX zoom lens which is designed solely for the Nikon DX format, and with its 2.5 color LCD screen and its three colorful display options you will be able to preview images up to 19 times magnification from its original size. It also has menus making it easier to change font types.

The in-camera image editing comes with red eye correction, image trimming and overlay. By using the Nikon D lighting process you can get warm tones and color filters.

The D40’s assist images function makes it easy to get just the right setting, and its question mark icon makes it simple to receive help for a specific item.

It has a fast area auto focus that delivers precise, quick and efficient focus.

The built in automatic flash control with Speedlight evaluates the right amount of flash the camera will need for a particular exposure.

The D40’s innovative information display can be shown in a classic format or with its new graphic and wallpaper formats.

If you have always wanted a good looking DSLR camera with all of the latest features and just couldn’t justify spending the money, now might be the time for your dream to come true. Nikon has out maneuvered all other camera companies with this affordable entry level camera. No matter whether you own only one camera or a half a dozen, the Nikon D40 camera just makes it easy to make great photos. You can enjoy even better results if you add the AF-S or the AF-1 CPU lens when you purchase your camera.

With the D40 you get double the amount of battery life than you do using the regular camera batteries.

Reports keep coming in about people who have bought the Nikon D40 camera, who are saying that they are not using their usual expensive camera as often, because the D40 is more light weight and fun to use. It has also been reported that the small camera produces nice images that are similar to the larger models, and that other camera manufactures do not even come close to offering the same amount of menu help, like Nikon does with the D40.

Although there are newer models out now, such as the D40x and the D60 etc., this good old D40 is still the super bargain of the bunch. Not that the D60 is not a great camera too. In fact, recently author Guy Kawasaki mentioned on his blog that he uses a Nikon D60. When the D60 came out however, it caused the D40 price to go down and become even more of a bargain.

The bottom line is, this affordable camera is great for pros to carry around when traveling or when they don’t need their big expensive camera for work. And it is also great for those who are just getting their first DSLR and are not sure how much camera they really need. This camera is a lot of fun and it takes some very nice photos too.