Ultravid Leica Binoculars – The Ultimate Choice

Whatever your passion, if you want the best performance you have to have the best tools for the job and with binoculars it is no different. There are only a few top quality binoculars that are streets ahead of anything else on the market and among them are the Ultravid Leica binoculars. If you are really passionate about what you do don’t settle for anything other that the absolute best in precision engineering and optical performance, qualities that binoculars such as the Swarovski EL’s and the all new Leica Ultravid’s are renowned for.

Leica have absolutely excelled themselves with the Ultravid’s, which are a great improvement on the original Trinovid series, to produce absolutely superb binoculars with exceptional optical resolution and contrast. Just take a look through Ultravid Leica binoculars and you’ll be amazed at how bright, clear and sharp the images are. You will truly understand what images should look like through binoculars of superior optical design.

For comfort and ease of use the Ultravids get top marks:

• the lightweight die-cast magnesium housing with central titanium hinge and soft tough rubber armour make them comfortable to hold, lightweight yet extremely rugged, ideal for extreme conditions added to which

• Ultravid Leica binoculars are precision engineered to ensure perfect balance making them the ideal companion during periods of extended viewing and

• focusing is so quick and easy with the newly designed, perfectly smooth, central focusing system

As with all superior quality binoculars the Leica Ultravid’s are waterproof, nitrogen filled and sealed to ensure a perfect performance in all weather conditions, an absolute must for regular outdoor use in the UK. The Utravid Leica binoculars ability to perform in extremely high and low temperatures is outstanding as a result of high performance Teflon disks that operate with almost no lubrication.

If you want elegance look no further than the Ultravid 8×42 and 10×42 (BL series) Leica binoculars, they are slimmer and lighter than their rubber coated counterparts, exceptionally light for binoculars of their size and optical quality, just 695g and 710g.

Leica have introduced a whole series of optical improvements into the Ultravid design to ensure that every model in the Ultravid Leica binocular series delivers edge to edge sharp, crystal clear images with excellent contrast:

• Leica AquaDura Coating, modelled on a lotus plant who’s leaves never get dirty and where droplets of water never rest, this newly developed coating alters the surface of the outer lenses of the binoculars to ensure liquids can no longer stick to the surface and when water rolls off the dirt goes with it.

• The high-definition optics in the Ultravid HD Leica binoculars utilise FL lenses to increase image resolution. The HD models offer exceptional contrast and natural colour with sharper, more clearly defined images. The FL lenses are made from calcium fluorite, a mineral with an extremely low refractive index and low dispersion which reduces colour aberrations.

• Ultravid Leica binoculars come with high performance (HDC) optical coatings which not only protect the outer lenses from environmental influences and scratches but ensure that light transmission is as close to 100% as possible (99.7%).

• A change in the prism glass material and the use of phase correction coating P40 on the prisms has enabled Leica to deliver outstandingly bright viewing, even in low light conditions.

• The HighLux system (HLS) is a mechanical system combined with a specially developed mirror prism coating that has been utilised to optimise light transmission and contrast and ensure the sharpest possible view.

The attention to detail in what can only be described as an absolutely superb pair of binos has resulted in near perfect Leica binoculars of a stunning design with an exceptional image quality that is hard to match. Definitely worth a look if you are looking for high performance compact, mid-size or full-size binoculars.