Why Buy CoolPix P80 Digital Cameras

Why do so many people who are looking for high performance digital cameras with plenty of advanced features buy CoolPix P80 cameras? It’s because, despite its small size and affordable price tag, these cameras get the job done. The P80 model is part of the Nikon CoolPix Performance Series after all. And it definitely performs, sometimes above and beyond what you might expect. There was a time when, in order to get a camera with the features you needed to produce near professional quality pictures, you had to sacrifice something, namely compact size. But the P80 has a lot of power packed into a small, streamlined package.

One of the major reasons serious photography enthusiasts buy CoolPix P80 digital cameras is the telephoto lens. Before the P80 came along, cameras this small just didn’t have telephoto lenses. In order to enjoy the benefits of that feature, you had to accept that you would be lugging around a camera that was a little bulkier and more cumbersome than you liked. Then along came the P80, which Nikon called “The World’s Most Compact Super-telephoto Camera.” And it wasn’t false advertising. And it wasn’t false advertising. In fact, the P80 is equipped with an 18x Optical Wide-Angle Zoom NIKKOR Lens. Pretty impressive considering the camera’s size. With this lens, you can capture everything from the sweeping grandeur of the Grand Canyon, to a bee setting down on the petal of a flower.

Another one of this camera’s great features is Optical Vibration Reduction Image Stabilization. Which basically means the camera compensates for shaky or unstable conditions. More than one great picture has been ruined because the photography was jostled by something. Maybe they were in a car driving over shoddy roads, or on a boat sailing on choppy waters. Whatever the cause, the shakiness can result in blurry, unfocussed pictures. But thanks to Nikon’s VR system, the pictures you take on your next boat trip will be crisp, clear and sharp, even if the waters are a little choppy.

The P80 has many advantages over traditional cameras. And one of them is that it can do more than take great pictures. It can also record home movies. Imagine it. You are at your annual family picnic, taking pictures of the festivities when, suddenly, the kids at the picnic start to dance. It’s a moment you just have to capture. And while taking some pictures would be a great way to do that, you can do even better. So you aim your camera and press record. And, just like that, you aren’t just taking snapshots, you are filming a home movie, complete with sound. Later, all you have to do is connect your camera to your television set, and you can relive that moment as many times as you want.

And those are just a few of the great features those who buy CoolPix P80 cameras can enjoy. In fact, photography buffs will find that discovering each new feature, and learning to use it to its fullest, is part of the joy of owning this exceptional camera.