Camera Guide: Nikon D300 Review

The Nikon D300 is the amatuers professional camera.
As an amatuer photographer let me just say that this is a brilliant camera and I feel like a pro every time I shoot with it.

For the past 4 years I’ve been using Nikon’s predecessor, the D200.It’s an excellent camera and will provide a good comparison to the Nikon D300.

First I must say that the D300 produces incredible image quality.Compared with the D200 the highlights, shadows and colours are all far better. The sensor is now 12M pixels and the auto focus system boasts an impressive 51 points compared with the D200s 11.

The impressive Nikon D300 body is constructed of Magnesium alloy which makes it very strong.It weighs an impressive 825 grams. Add a decent lens and you’ve over 1kg.It sounds heavy but it’s not that bad.  My standard D300 lens is the Nikkor 18-200mm VR, my wife will shoot all day without any bother.

The D300 battery lasts three times longer that the D200, even though the battery is identical.I don’t know how Nikon do it but it’s a welcome improvement.

The other noticable difference is the LCD monitor is now 3″ compared with the D200s 2.5″. Ironically you would think that this would cut back battery life. Playback and menu functionality are significantly faster.

The only annoying thing I’ve discovered is that the continous advance shooting mode does  not work with the built-in flash.Consequently when you’re shooting in continous mode (Ch or Cl) and using the built-in flash the Nikon D300 will only produce one image.  If you use a speedlight then this is not a problem.

The price is at present $1800 on Amazon.  Please note that this is for the D300 body only.

The D300 review suggests that the Nikon D300 is a great camera for the budding professional and is highly recommended.