Camera Settings to Stop Moving Objects and People

Photographing people or objects in activity and outdoors ask for different considerations.We know generally that to freeze an object that is in motion the camera generally should be set to a fast shutter speed. The opening and closing speed of the shutter remove all doubts whether the object will be blurred, as does the lens, camera motion, and of course the most primary of items, focus.


The faster an object moves the faster the shutter speed must be. No standard exists, but usually one two hundred and fiftieth and higher shutter speeds is required, and often much faster, such as one five hundredth or one and one thousandth of a second.


In some instances the amount of available light will not be sufficient to allow for a fast enough shutter speed. In this case a larger lens aperture is mandated. It’s even advisable that a faster film speed will also be necessary. However, altering either if these will also affect field of view and image quality, respectively.


Similar considerations are even application to slower motion objects and people. The same accepted principles can be applied. Even in such examples as slower actions, such as a bride walking down the aisle. In this case of a wedding, one San Diego Wedding Photographer makes a prompt and accurate choice to change camera settings to freeze activity.


As the object moves so can the amount and type of light entering the camera’s lens, and this presents another dilemma, or indeed opportunity, to the photographer. That is, how to ensure appropriate exposure while providing appealing and proper color and contrast. In this case camera settings are effective, but so too are lens type, use of filters and even post-processing. In some cases where indoor lighting is limited, such as events photographed by a San Diego Event Photographer, it causes more importance to select the correct camera and lens settings.


In situations of extreme light contrast, such as ocean surf, the photographer must be attuned to the proper techniques for ensuring the correct balance of the image’s brightness level across each of its constituent colors, and through the entire field of motion of the subject matter.


An understanding of how to apply the various techniques is important to one San Diego Photographer, because he recognizes it as being essential to making the right shot. Technique comes with understanding and practical knowledge.