Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Replacing the popular PowerShot SX200 IS, the new Canon PowerShot SX210 IS is designed for the photographer seeking a small pocket camera offering both still and HD movie recording with a range of features and creative control.

Incorporating a 14x optical zoom lens (covering 28 – 392mm in 35mm terms) combined with Canon’s optical image stabilizer technology, the PowerShot SX210 IS offers versatile coverage for a wide range of picture taking situations. With a 14.1 megapixel resolution sensor, the SX210 IS provides plenty of detail for producing bigger enlargements or cropping into an image.

The new Canon SX210 IS could be considered very compact in size and is a feature loaded camera that has a lot to offer many types of photographers. Many people will appreciate the balance of automatic and manual controls. The high resolution photographs and full motion videos will be of much use to a lot of shooters as well. People who prefer wide angle photography will be satisfied with the factory lens that the camera comes equipped with.

One really interesting feature of this camera is what the company calls motion detection technology. This was designed to eliminate something known as motion blur. Sometimes people photograph a subject that is moving very quickly and notice that the final result is a photo that has a lot of blur artifacts. This can be very distracting especially for people who like to photograph sports.

The SX210 comes equipped with a handy new feature. It is called scene detection technology. This allows the camera to take an image in through the lens and evaluate what settings are appropriate for photographing it. The system makes these choices from over twenty different variables. This allows for a lot of flexibility in many types of shooting situations. This could work well in nasty weather or in poor light conditions.

The SX210 IS is not only a still camera. It can also record high definition video clips with sound. This is a nice feature for capturing family memories. The camera can record at 720 progressive frame resolutions. It runs at a full thirty frames per second as well. This ensures high quality HD video that also runs smooth and has sound. These memories can be played back on a hi-def television unit.

Even though this unit features a lot of automatic features it should not be forgotten that it is great for manual users as well. Some of the most critical aspects of photography have fully manual controls on this unit. These include focusing, aperture and even shutter. Most advanced shooters will appreciate the opportunity to have manual access to these types of features.

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