Canon Rebel EOS T1i Review

canon rebel eos t1i

First looks at IQ (Image Quality) were rattling impressive. I tried using the Canon Rebel EOS T1i camera in a variety of situtations (biased to how I would use it), and got very good results throughout. Focussing was typical for a better Rebel, and images looked advantageous throughout the ISO array, supported on reasonable expectations. I thought the Auto White Balance is a very advantageous job compared to old results I’d had with Canons in general. They weren’t perfect, but the tungsten areas seemed to look better than average. All in all, I’d say Canon made reasonable progress with the jump to 15 meg, but probably no reason to trade-in your XSi.

The Canon Rebel EOS T1i is a great camera with extensive options for the amateur to the pro. With the wide assortment of EF and EF-S lenses able to be used, one could go broke quickly. The camera is a less lighted, but adding a vertical hold to the bottommost gives a unit that is much strong. The lense that comes with the camera kit is a canonical intro lense. I wish that it was a USM lens, because this lens is a bit noisy audibly. The lens is however image stabilized (IS) which is great for those without a steady hand, or shooting action. The camera will also work with several other Canon IS lenses giving you options galore.

The Canon Rebel EOS T1i color reproduction is accurate and vibrant and with the new DIGIC 4 image processing chip, low in noise. I get that shot indoors at iso 800 and no flash will still create extraordinary looking natural images. The white balance also works fairly well, but has some limitations. This is where the custome white balance feature shines. With a few clicks you can have every shot looking closer to the actual lighting you see through you eyes. It is recommended to buy for amateur to pro photographer.