Capturing Moments in Sports with Digital Photography Techniques

The “Sports” or “Action” settings of a digital camera are not the only things you can use or do to get great sporting photos, that is why it is important that you learn digital photography guide.In contrast to other kinds of photography, in digital photography of sports the person using the camera possesses a large part to play – the timing of the photos is essential and there is a split second to take it.

If you’re capturing photos of a sport being played on a large arena, you have two options for going about it.  You can keep the camera to your eye and follow the action as it moves so that you are ready to press the shutter button in a split second – this is one of the best digital photography techniques for games like hockey and footballs where the action happen anywhere on the field.The next option – best for sports like baseball and basketball – is to maintain the camera aimed at where the action may well happen (the batter or the basket) and be prepared to press the button at the exact moment of the action. For more digital photography techniques that can be used while taking pictures of sport events read digital photography for dummies.

It doesn’t matter how quick your trigger finger is on the shutter button, there will always be a time lag between the button being pressed and the image being taken because the camera will surely have to set itself to take the image.This time lag is often in fractions of a second but in fast moving sports, the delay could cause you to miss the crucial play you would like to capture.  The solution to this is the keep the shutter button half pressed – this keeps the camera continually resetting itself and reduces even the split second time lag, this is one of the many digital photography techniques that you can read on the book titled digital photography for dummies.  You can also use the “Continuous” mode on the camera so it will take a rapid burst of photos as long as the button is being pressed.You’re going to get a string of photographs of the event and you can then pick the good ones to keep. For extra digital photography techniques youcould always refer to digital photography for dummies.

One more cause of camera delays in the digital photography of sports is that often before the previous photos has been written in the memory card, the next one can’t be taken – a memory card with a slow write time will delay the taking of your next image.The swifter the write speed of the memory card, the less will be the time before the next image can be taken.

Digital photography techniques can certainly help produce better photographs specifically at sporting events. If you want to learn more digital photography techniques it might be helpful that you grab a copy of digital photography for dummies that will serve as your digital photography guide.