Digital Camera Buying Guide – A Simple Step By Step Guide To Getting The Perfect Digital Camera

Looking for a digital camera? Here are some tips that will help you pick a great camera.

Firstly, you have to list out all the different uses of the camera. Will this be used everyday, for taking pictures of those memorable occasions or is going to be used by an aspiring photographer? Answer these and you will be zeroing in on the model and price range. There are hundreds of cameras on the market. This is a start to narrowing down those to a smaller number.

Secondly, you need to test it out. Do not make hasty decisions. Why not try the camera out at the closest store. Knowing someone who has experience with photography or digital cameras overall is great. They can be very helpful in answering questions and addressing any concerns you have. Relying on the sales folks is an option. Except for a few electronics stores, most folks in sales are aggressive, pushy and are not that interested in your needs just their own quotas. An experienced friend can come in real handy in this situation.

Third, make sure the warranty works for you. Keep records of the exchange, warranty and refund information. In the event, that you decided to do a switch, you can. Make sure that which parts and services are provided under warranty.

Fourth, dont forget the accessories. These days you dont really buy cameras without accessories. This could be a bag, memory stick for larger storage space or for capturing video. You can also get lens cleaners and other accessories depending on the purpose the camera is intended to serve. batteries then use sites such as or to compare prices first}

Fifth, dont trust the feedback from only 1-2 places. Seek out several sources. These days you can get reviews from multiple websites at the touch of a button. Use the reviews to get rid of models that dont have good reviews so that your list gets smaller. Read what folks are saying about the battery life, LCD screen and ease of use. Overall if more than 8 out of 10 reviewers gave positive reviews, then the camera is worth checking out at the store.

Most importantly, dont forget about the bottom line. It can be very tempting to go into an electronics store with no price in mind. This can be a very bad idea. Without a range of prices, you will fall in love with the expensive ones that you cant really afford. Then you will realize that this camera is too expensive and when you look at cameras which are more in a price range you can afford you will be disappointed because you keep comparing the features in this one to unaffordable ones you looked at earlier.

Keep these tips in mind and you will picking the best {touch screen digital camera of your dreams in no time}.