Expanding market for digital SLR cameras

Digital SLR cameras were once the domain of enthusiasts and professionals. Nowdays, they become more and more popular with casual photographers. Consumer research companies are predicting 35 percent growth in the SLR market in 2009. It is expected that the shipments of SLRs will grow to 2.2 million units for the year. It is also forecasted that by 2011 the market will double, reaching 4 million sales in the US only.

Why are DSLRs becoming so popular? It is mainly because of the dropping prices. The average price of an SLR camera was almost $1000 just 3 years ago, now it’s below $800. Another reason is the expanding use of digital cameras. The transition from a hobbyist to professional is easier now because of greater functionality and ease of use of the inexpensive DSLRs. Additional features such as scene modes are making it easier for users to implement their creativity in the camera rather then on the PC.

The expanding market is largely driven by midrange models such as Canon 40D and Nikon D300. But these SLRs are not only popular among hobbyists, they are also selling well among the professionals. The 2 models offer features that until now could only be found in the expensive, professional grade cameras. These include: dust reduction, highlight tone priority, live-preview, 230,000-pixel LCD, high-end image processor.