Fax broadcasting is a business service

Fax Broadcast is send a fax message to multiple recipients at mobile strike hack cheats once – or as quickly as possible for the fax machine to be sent once at a time. Fax Broadcast, sometimes called bulk faxing or blast faxing, is an effective means of delivering a message to many recipients. It is an increasingly low-cost method of gaining access to thousands of companies that can dragon city hack android either be present in one community or spread around the world.
The fax broadcasting service makes custom surveys easier than ever before. All you have to do is your questionnaire and we will do the rest. With fax broadcasting there are some factors that are the key. These factors include the cost, quality of the mailing list, your company’s message, and the time that the fax is send.
Full control over fax broadcast.
You do not need to turn on check more your fax broadcast blindly and wait for something to happen. You can fully control the fax broadcast. Modify your contacts or fax list whenever you need them, you can send them immediately or schedule it later.
Customize and Merge Mail.
You can customize the fax document by using mail merge technology. Mail Merge allows you to add important details of receipts such as name, address etc. This can facilitate you personal contact to target audience. People pay more attention when they see their name in the fax document. You can always request a mail merge for an additional feature.
Fax Marketing Email Marketing.
Compared to direct mail or even email marketing, fax broadcasting is a more powerful and effective marketing solution. Now days email filters are very powerful then ever. There is a chance of your marketing or promotional email going directly to spam or junk folder. However, with Fax Broadcast, make sure that your fax document is delivered to your client. Although our fax gateway has a redial feature that you will try to resend if the number is busy, but you can also download the busy fax numbers list from the result of your fax drive to resend later or date.
Reports and your campaign management.
You can create new campaigns for any campaign, start, stop, or restart a list campaign. After launching the entire campaign, you can click to see the results that you will get in the feature reports. However, a campaign works so you can see reports in real time. There is a great reporting feature in our fax portal showing data with graphical representation.
List of fax and fax document management.
You can manage easily your fax list and fax document. You can download the fax list in bulk or manually add contacts one by one. Bulk download is very useful when you need to add a bulk number of fax numbers and doing this one by one is not a good idea in this case. Manually adding the contact number is usually a best option when you wish to add new fax number to your existing fax list. You can also download a multiple fax document to your fax gateway account. You can specify which fax document you need when sending your fax campaign.
Faxing can be a incredibly effective marketing tool, especially for small businesses on a budget that needs to make a big impact quickly. While everyone focuses their efforts on email marketing, you can provide the right copy in the hand of the target customer. Unlike email, someone is sure to look at it and not just instantly toss it away. By design your fax broadcast successfully, you can easily expand your reach your business and grow.