Identifying Weaknesses and Good points Education Essay


This purpose of this selection is certainly to demonstrate and represent my individuality, abilities, and encounter. Additionally, several personal checks and evaluation will get included to discover my a weakness and good points, appropriate methods for learning models and near future job. After that, the actions program and some elements that could boost or end my accomplishments shall come to be included.



This section of selection displays my abilities, activities, understanding and mental version during my personal life. It offers briefly numerous actions and interesting subject areas that afflicted my decision about potential task.


The bulk of my knowledge is definitely about pc systems and protection, because it is definitely my interesting issues. I was enthusiastic about laptop when I was 15 years aged, before I graduate student from intermediate university. I founded myself assisted to laptop content, labs and lectures. After I graduated from secondary school, I joined King Saudi University in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in Computer Engineering Department. I discovered several laptop systems, judgement, routine service and few of electric content. My commencement task can be about conversation acknowledgement, which consider as component of computer system signalling.

After I graduate student from college or university in second term 2004, I began looking for a job. I looked for for a task that could provide me the probability to boost my expertise and encounter in my significant. After a few calendar months, I actually linked College or university of Gadgets and Telecommunication in Jeddah as a lecturer. Through many years of teaching computer maintenance and networks, I actually have got attained great knowledge from my acquaintances and my search terms for different facts and systems. On later, I joined Cisco Networking Academy Program and got several different certifications such as CCNA1 (Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA2, IT1 (Information Technology) and IT2. As a total effect of that, I started to be the Legal Primary Call of the academy in the college or university. In the meantime, six weeks of hard job the college or university moved from native to local academy, which signify being as director of the different native academies in the same area.

Mental Model

understand Sociology Homework Help my character type

To, I own evaluated myself through an over the internet site (Character 1 ) , which demonstrates my type as ISTP. This type features many good points many of these as self-confidence and value what the others will need. On the various other hands, it features some flaws many of these as becomes insensitive with others sensing and tendency to end up being together ( Also, I have got check my personal characteristics via , which provided me several great characteristics like careful and sensible (Appendix 2).


Since I was in undergraduate, I was willing to master fresh expertise, in my major especially. After I got the working job, my ambition increased to gain extra new skills. During my profession (from 2004 until right now), I was increasing my know-how about networking and related subject areas. As a end result of functioning in team laboratories as a component of coaching, I attained different useful expertise in the discipline of computer system repair and network execution. I have chosen by the head of the computer department to increase the way of registering students’ schedules in school system, and transfer it from manual to automatic. At that right time, I was accountable of matched with several section in the school and tuning in to several thoughts from coaches. That knowledge improved upon my understanding about dealing with concerns and showing my concepts with others.

One of the confident factors that I was happy every season, I plan learning approach and stimulating myself to attain the goals. The total consequence of that, I received more than a few records many of these as Cisco records (CCNA and IT). As a final result of all above-mentioned about accreditation and abilities, I received the probability to continue my bigger education (Get better at Level) in the discipline of Network Program System at Plymouth Collage. On top of that, I got to attain an IELTS test out as a state to sign up for the school, which provided me another likelihood to increase my English language vocabulary.


After more than a few years of learning pc sites and executive, I have got a very good understanding about the principles of computer system coding, pc data source and structures just as very well as the principles of consumer electronics. In addition, I have deep knowledge in computer maintenance and networks, Info technology support and support workplace. Moreover, when I was in the English language year in Plymouth city, my English language was increasing day after day, which gave me more possibility to read more about my major especially networking.

Personal Assessments

and audit

This section of the profile will demonstrate my a weakness and durability items through several testing. Every solitary test out shall demonstrate my individuality from numerous area. The benefits from tests results are enhance the strength points and increase the weakness point as possible as I can.


I contain analyzed myself in certain standards many of these as period and stress and anxiety administration by applying questionnaires from FTGS 501 component report and many world wide web sites that furnish these tests.





I have got examined myself through a BBC internet site list of questions (Appendix 3) that reveals my strain level was modest (8/18). Also, the evaluation offered me a method level of difficulty handling and ruminating that could increase my pressure level in circumstance of bettering them.

Time Management

To test out myself in component I applied College or university of Wyoming period operations Questions (Appendix 4), which illustrated may I possess a program even so, We perform factors that sidetracked quite often.

3.2.3 Skills

I include analyzed my abilities through ‘School and Key element Transferable Expertise Production Self applied Audit’ from FTGS 501 component report materials (Appendix 5).

3.2.4 Creativity

I applied Creativeness Self-Assessment Questionary Type from CREAX web page, which reveals my creative imagination consequence alike 55.87 while the standard effect is definitely 62.46. In addition, I include very good potential in abstraction, complexity and perspective, while little capacity in boldness (Appendix 6).

3.2.5 Learning Preference and Design

I applied on the web examination for learning my learning design. This analysis obtainable on the Accelerated Learning site ( (Appendix 7) that demonstrates I uncover from statistical strategies and reasonable additional than musical technology and naturalistic strategies. In addition, I was hoping to master from my problems in purchase to steer clear of slipping once again. Additionally, I have got analyzed my learning design from webpage on the net, which discussed I include ‘a moderate kinesthetic learning desire’ (Appendix 8).


I have got performed the Assertiveness test out from webpage (Appendix 9). My final result was 38 out of 100, which demonstrates my benefits as not really an ambitious person. Generally, being about my wishes is definitely extremely crucial as others needs. I am not assertive person and I found some difficulty being assertive person once I manage special people. In many cases I avoid being in a vulnerable position.

Career Operations Skills

I own selected the job administration diagnosis from FTGS 501 component book materials. The evaluation provides several parts beginning from where are I? until achieving my goals and continue to keep increasing my profession abilities. After the appraisal was completed by me, We own noiseless obvious thought about my very good or poor profession expertise. This idea will help me to create my action plan well (Appendix 10).


I possess created several C.Vs during my personal life, but the C.Sixth v in the Appendix is usually one of the better I own crafted in Uk terms. It has got even more information about my education and abilities (Appendix 11).

Identifying weaknesses

and strengths

According to my earlier testing, questionnaire and quizzes, I can determine my good points and disadvantages in several areas. Additionally, these presented info will support me to pattern my actions program.


Stress: I want hard do the job to steer clear of myself the pressure that turn into an hurdle in my lifestyle.

Assertiveness: I are certainly not assertive person and I located some problems getting assertive person. Even so, I would prefer to increase it to encounter my complications in very good method.

Career operations: I require to boost my expertise in numerous strategies that support me to fix challenges.

Communication with persons: I possess a specialized method to speak with my spouse and children and distinctive good friend. On the different palm, I observed some problems to talk with non-known persons.

Boldness: I want extra practise in this discipline.


Time Control: I require to boost some of my function blueprints to become very good as others.

Learning from my and additional problems: when I find out from my and other’s flaws, the percentage slipping into the same errors shall end up being lowering.

Creativity: I have got a very good level of imagination that could lead me to perform amazing job in my job.

Career administration: I include a great encounter to distinguish my profession scenario and established my possible future goals evidently.

Teamwork: I have got great expertise when I function with a group. I discuss my suggestions and cooperative.

5. Conclusion

This collection is made up of significant particulars about myself. I discovered many issues many of these as my talents and disadvantages that I could not really find out just before. Moreover, creating an action plan and make specific goals is bettering my knowledge about who to handle my weaknesses and goals in the right method.

I have got discovered unique valuable materials that will support me in the prospect many of these as: establishing a great C.Sixth is v and obtaining myself through distinct testing.