New Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

The PowerShot A590IS 8MP will astound you with its power-packed performance and impressive value. It’s got 8 megapixels, a 4x optical zoom, an Image Stabilizer, and a big 2.5-inch LCD. A range of shooting modes — from manual to automatic, including Canon’s new Easy Mode — make picture-taking carefree. A DIGIC III Image Processor with Enhanced Canon Face Detection assures natural-looking results, while Motion Detection Technology reduces blur. For extra creativity, attach wide or telephoto converter lenses.

Canon PowerShot A590IS Highlights

8 megapixels with 4x optical zoom and optical image stabilizer With the PowerShot A590 IS, dramatic, personal pictures have never been easier to shoot and share. The 8.0-megapixel design lets you create impressive high resolution images of family and friends you’ll be proud display. The genuine Canon 4x zoom lens moves you in for powerful close-ups — like a bird in flight or a child’s winning goal — at the touch of a button. Plus, Canon’s highly sophisticated Optical Image Stabilizer keeps each shot absolutely steady even when you’re not.

2.5-inch LCD screen The camera’s 2.5-inch LCD display gives you the large picture, regardless of whether you’re shooting, reviewing or showing off your images. This high-resolution display offers a crisp, clear and bright picture. It also features Night Display for easy viewing in low light.

New Easy Mode simplifies operation Even if you’ve never picked up a camera before, with Canon’s new Easy Mode you can take inspiring, dramatic pictures that will impress everyone. Once you choose Easy Mode, the PowerShot A590 IS handles all the details automatically. It automatically sets every camera control including the flash to reduce blur and improve image quality. So you get pictures that are bright, clear and natural just by pushing a button. Best of all, you can relax and concentrate on what really counts — your subject.

Selectable shooting modes With 19 Shooting Modes including 7 Special Scene Modes, you’re ready for whatever shot comes your way.

DIGIC III Graphic Processor With DIGIC III, your images boast superior high quality, the camera operates at top efficiency and battery existence is enhanced. What’s more, DIGIC III enables Canon’s Confront Detection Technologies and Red-eye Correction to give you superior, additional true-to-life men and women shots. Merely press the Shutter Button halfway down, as well as the camera immediately pinpoints the faces inside scene and chooses the ideal focus point. The camera controls exposure configurations and flash to maintain every face seeking bright and natural. Red-eye Correction is usually handled in-camera, in two methods. The completely new Red-eye Correction during shooting uses the Deal with Detection Technological innovation to recognize and remove red-eye from flash images as they’re taken, prior to the file is written to the memory card. It’s also possible to correct red-eye while in image playback, using easy adjustments within the A590 IS’s menu.

iSAPS Technological know-how is an completely original scene-recognition technologies developed for digital cameras by Canon. Using an internal database of thousands of distinct photos, iSAPS functions with the quick DIGIC III Picture Processor to improve concentrate speed and accuracy, too as exposure and white balance.

Confront Detection Technological innovation Canon’s effective Face Detection Technological innovation delivers even greater results using the new A590 IS. The Deal with Detection Technological know-how continues to recognize faces inside a scene, and concentrate exposure (daylight or flash) and concentrate upon them. But the A590 IS adds additional: Confront Detection WB means the camera concentrates upon faces when calculating white balance for the most effective feasible skin tones. Deal with Decide on and Track lets the A590 IS user highlight one encounter among numerous in a scene, and also the camera concentrates on that person, even as they move around the scene. Encounter Detection Engineering is really a powerful contributing factor in Canon’s new Motion Detection Technological innovation.

Red-eye Correction Red-eye Correction offers three choices for removing red-eye from subjects in flash pictures.

* The new Red-eye Correction during shooting in fact identifies and corrects red-eye in human subjects as pictures are taken.
* The A590 IS is usually set to instantly detect and accurate red-eye through picture playback.
* The user can manually locate any red-colored eyes in a scene during image playback on the LCD screen, and command the camera to remove them.

Large ISO The PowerShot A590 IS characteristics ISO 1600 and Large ISO Auto settings that cut down the effects of camera shake and sharpen subjects in low-light situations, giving you greater shooting flexibility.

Motion Detection Technological know-how instantly reduces blur Existence doesn’t stand still for picture-taking. That’s why Canon included its advanced Motion Detection Technologies from the PowerShot A590 IS. This sophisticated feature functions within the background to instantly evaluate how quick your subject is moving. Then it automatically selects and sets the optimal exposure and ISO settings to keep everything looking sharp and clear. So regardless of whether you’re shooting a bride walking down the aisle, a ballet recital or even a child’s soccer game, you are able to relax and shoot with confidence knowing you’ve got the picture you intended.

Accepts Wide-Angle and Telephoto Converter Lenses To expand your creativity, the PowerShot A590 IS is compatible with shooting accessories for instance wide and tele converter lenses, High-Power Flash designed for all of the PowerShot models.

The Complete Print Solution

The A590IS features a Print/Share button for easy direct printing and downloading, plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print with pick Pixma photo printers and Selphy compact photo printers.

The PowerShot A590 IS’s Print/Share button makes direct printing easier than ever. Simply connect the A590 IS to a Canon Pixma photo printer or Selphy compact photo printer or any PictBridge compatible photo printer, press the lighted Print/Share button and print! Also use the green Print/Share button to transfer images to a computer (Windows and Macintosh).

Print your own ID photos in 28 different sizes or use the Movie Print function to output multiple stills from a recorded movie on a single sheet with a Canon Selphy compact photo printer.

But best of all is The Price.