It鎶?an easy task for you to repair your iPhone 5s screen, you can easily do this. 5s screen repair is an easy task. It will not cost you enough if you will do this by yourself, it鎶?a very easy task you can easily do this. If you will do this by yourself only then you will save large amount of money otherwise getting it repair from any other shop. Here are some easy task which you can do it by yourself only, they are:

1. There are two options for your 5s screen replacement, a complete section of screen will cost more for you, whereas if you buy screen element it will cost less, but it depends upon you that which option you will choose.

2. In this step you have to go inside your iPhone 5s, for opening the lighting port, which are attached with small screws, for opening that screws you have to use small screw drivers, while opening that, one thing our world gem codes cheats online you should keep in your mind that you have to keep screws very proper, because they can easily lose.

3. In this step you have to take out the screen with the help of suction pads, it is very tough task, you have to manage the balance of your hands, from one hand you have to hold the case, and from other you have to pull out the screen with an effort, it is an very difficult task, so you have to do it properly.

4. In this step you should be careful; you have to lift the screen up to 90 degree, in vertical for stretching the cable, because cables are hidden.

5. In this step be careful; open the screws under the plates with screw driver very carefully.

6. Now you will be able to see three cables, you have to attach them. For detaching the connector you have to use blades, they will need little effort.

7. Once the third hoverboard giveaways online connector is released you can easily take out your old screen, lift the screen again to 90 degree, and again insert cables, but insert it in reverse order, it is tricky task to line up them, but it will take couples of minute for completion.

8. The long vertical connector should be above, now you can easily close the metal plates with screws.

9. Before closing the case make sure that everything is working or not, unless you will close the case the home buttom will not work, but you should see that are you having command on your screen or not. Once the case is closed home buttom starts working.

10. At last close all the parts, and finally your Iphone 5s screen repaired.

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