Steps To Take For Displaying An Oval Picture Frame

Now that you’ve selected your oval picture frame it’s time to properly prepare your photo to go inside the frame. This is not difficult to do, but here are some tips to keep in mind to make the process go smoothly.

1. Before you cut your picture to fit an oval frame, always make sure the photo looks good in an oval shaped frame first. The best way to check is to take the frame apart so you can place just the frame over the photo. To do this, first remove the frame back and then take out the glass and set it carefully to the side. Place the oval frame over your picture and center the frame around the subjects in your photo. This step will help you decide if you like how your picture looks inside an oval picture frame.

2. Next, take the glass from your oval picture frame and carefully place it over the photo where the frame had been. Carefully adjust the glass until the positioning looks good. Use care when moving the glass so your picture doesn鎶?get scratched.

3. Take your time in aligning the glass as the subject or individuals in the frame need to be straight in the picture. Aligning a subject in an oval frame isn鎶?as simple as aligning a rectangular or square picture frame so make sure it looks right. Ideally, the subject or individuals in the photo should be centered and have equal space on either side. For vertical spacing, the subject’s head should be about 2/3’s of the way up from the bottom of the picture. Positioning the subject鎶?head in click this website the center of the frame leaves too much space above and throws off the picture鎶?eye appeal.

4. When you’ve found the perfect position for your picture, carefully trace along the outside of the glass with a thin pen. Thick pens or markers may bleed onto the picture so avoid using them.

5. Now you are ready to cut. With a sharp pair of scissors carefully cut along the line you traced. You can also use a mat knife but just make sure you’re able to make a smooth and even cut otherwise, you should use scissors to avoid damaging your photo. Make sure your scissors are sharp because dull scissors can bend or crease your picture. Once your photo is cut, make sure to clean the glass and give it plenty of time to dry so it won’t cause any moisture damage on your picture.

6. Check to see if your oval picture frame came with frame backing. If your frame did come with a frame back, all you have to do is put the glass, photo and frame back on and you’re all hoverboard giveaways online set. If it didn鎶?come with backing, you can use an archival mat board or a piece of cardboard to make your own. The purpose of the frame backing is to help hold your picture and glass securely in place with the help of some small brad nails. If you need to make your own backing and are framing an important picture, you should use archival mat board because the acid in plain cardboard can degrade your photo over time.

The first step to making your own frame back is to place the oval frame face up on the cardboard or mat board. Then, trace along the outside edge of the oval picture frame so it will fit in your frame. Cut it out and then use brad nails (about ?inch) to secure the backing to the frame. You do this by placing the brad nails on the board and pushing them into the molding on the back of the wood picture frame. Once the brad nails are securely holding the frame back, it’s now time to hang your oval picture frame.

As you can see, preparing and assembling an oval picture frame does take a little time but can be a simple process if you follow these basic steps. Once your oval picture frame is beautifully hanging on the wall, you’ll feel proud knowing this website that you did it all by yourself.