The Common Shooting Modes of a Digital Camera

We all know that every digital camera has different shooting modes. The brand or model of a camera doesn’t matter anymore whether it’s the most popular or not. What’s important is if the shooting modes or also called as scene modes, is the right one to use in taking photos. Let’s try to discuss each shooting mode in a camera to further inform everyone.

First mode to discuss is the portrait. It is where the main subject is more focused than the background. This mode sets automatically on most digital cameras. If you are taking a picture of a single person or other object, this mode is the best.

For closer shots of objects, macro or macro close up is the right shooting mode. This scene mode allows you to take a nice, closer focus on subjects that are very small in size such as flowers and insects. However, you must be careful in holding the camera unit to avoid blurry images. You may use a tripod anyhow to reduce camera shake.

Night portrait is another popular scene mode of a camera. Many people take photos in a very dark condition. So, whenever you party at night or just hanging around a low-light condition, use the night portrait mode. Your digital camera will actually set a slow shutter speed to give more light into the camera. Also, the red-eye reduction is enabled. Thus, you produce bright photographs. Somehow, you can use a tripod to get better images.

Some individuals do not mind taking pictures in a very wide scene. If you are one of those people, then have your camera set in landscape mode. In short, this mode is best used when capturing images on areas that give a wide background. Any image captured is produced in a sharper focus of everything that is covered by the camera. Landscape mode is basically the exact opposite of the portrait mode. The main subject and background are both focused. Most people use this mode when they are taking photos of themselves or other people who are posing in beautiful scenery.

Some digital cameras don’t have sports or action mode. If your camera has this shooting mode, then you must be lucky. It simply captures images in any fast moving situations. It usually sets the camera in a fast shutter speed to avoid blurry. This mode is mostly applicable in sports, cars and other moving objects you cannot control.

Beach and snow modes help in reducing the bright effect of any image captured in the beach, snow and sunlight. When you set this mode, exposure and white balance work together to prevent the washed out look of the subject.

Those are the common shooting modes used by people who have digital cameras. The next time you take a full or close up shot of an image, make sure the scene mode is properly put to the appropriate setting. Shooting modes are included in cameras to produce livelier, more believable pictures of any subjects.