The Ergonomics and Controls from Canon SX20IS

Canon SX20IS

The Canon SX20IS carries a Digic IV processor (as does the SX10), but the mention of “improved smart auto” in Canon's ad copy suggests the later model processor may give the camera some additional capability. While the SX20 IS has been described by Canon as the successor to the SX10 IS, that camera remains on the Canon website at present. The SX20 IS accepts SD/SDHC, MultiMediaCards, MMC plus and HC MMC plus memory media. Canon includes 4 AA alkaline batteries, a neck strap, lens hood, lens cap, USB and Audio Video cables and CD-ROM software with each camera.

Following the typical formula for the class, the SX20 IS looks and feels like a downsized DSLR, measuring out at 4.88×3.48×3.42 inches and weighing about 24 ounces in shooting configuration (batteries, memory card and lens hood installed). If these numbers look familiar, they happen to be the exact dimensions and weight of the SX10 IS.

The Canon SX20 IS features a deeply sculptured handgrip style body and contoured back that is small enough so the little finger of my right hand has no place to go but curl under the body, resulting in a firm and solid one-handed grip. The index finger falls quite course to the shutter switch in both one and two bimanual shot. There is rubberised physical at the side of the handgrip portion of the embody, but it's as smoothen as the plastics that get up the rest of camera exterior and really contributes small to improving the handgrip. The same holds true for a patch of nubs molded in the plastic on the camera back in the thumb rest area – I'd prefer a really tacky material in these two locations, but the camera has an overall good feel in the hand(s).

External buttons and controls allow access to most shooting modes as well as many other settings that the user might want to change on the run, such as white balance, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation and continuous shooting modes. The portion of the camera back not taken up by the monitor is awash with buttons, but Canon has laid them out so as to minimize conflict with the thumb when shooting. Don't spend more than you have to! We already finished the search for you. Please read where to buy Canon SX20IS.