The First Camera With HD Movie Capability – The New Nikon Coolpix P100

Nikon P100 Digital Camera

Like a superzoom camera, the Nikon Coolpix P100 has a more robust feel to it than your typical point and shoot camera.  The rubberized grip is large and has a DSLR-like feel to it.  It’s a actual accessible and adequate camera to hold.  While you can hold the camera with one hand using the large handle, the P100 is definitely a camera that wants to put his hands in two – way especially when zooming out there. Fortunately, the lens butt provides a actual automatic anchor point for your larboard hand, which added adds to the DSLR-ish feel.

The Nikon Coolpix P100’s main settings can begin at the camera focus on high punch.  From there, you can quickly access the fully automatic mode and the more advanced P, A, S and M modes, as well as special scene modes.

The feel is overall very nice and amazingly compact considering the lens and all that the camera can do. The anchor is abysmal and comfortable, the anatomy is well-balanced, and the lens butt gives you abounding amplitude to authority and abiding the camera with your larboard hand. Though you absolutely don’t demand to use a zoom like that after a support, the camera does accept sensor-shift angel stabilization that Nikon calls Optical VR. Though it’s difficult to authority the camera still with the zoom absolutely extended, the stabilization does an accomplished job of aspersing blur, and back accumulated with Nikon’s Best Attempt Selector you accept a bigger than boilerplate adventitious of accepting a aciculate attempt of a still accountable while captivation the camera. BSS is a high-speed shooting setting that takes up to 10 shots while the shutter release is pressed and saves only the sharpest shot.

There’s a appropriate cyberbanking viewfinder and a vari-angle LCD for framing up your shots. The LCD pulls out from the anatomy and can be agee up or down, but it does not beat out angular from the body. Like all LCDs and EVFs, the screen blanks out for a second once you’ve taken a shot, but it’s reasonably fast to recover.