The Great Canon EOS 550D

Canon EOS 550D


IFCL The measurement system works well under typical shooting conditions, the production of exhibitions pleasant most of the time. I found that when shooting in program, aperture Priority AE (Av), Shutter Priority AE (Tv), or manual modes that work well in the underground conditions without too much contrast, but the exposure compensation should apply if they say the sky is much brighter than the foreground, or if the accountable is dark, light, or acerb backlit. This is abundantly archetypal of multi-zone metering systems from any manufacturer.

Canon EOS 550D also provide centre-weighted, partial and spot metering options for when you want to take control from the iFCL system. It is worth noting that the exposure compensation range has been extended from +/- 2EV as found in previous Canon models at this level to a more respectable +/- 5EV, which will accredit added acute lighting altitude to be coped with added calmly in program, Av and Tv acknowledgment modes. This also will satisfy the HDR shots composite images, as it now means that these images can be bracketed over a wider range of exposures to ensure as much detail as possible is captured.

Canon EOS 550D’s Auto Lighting Optimizer promises help to improve detail in dark areas of image, without causing clipping in the highlights. Four levels of resistance can be adjusted in the camera, off to strong. I found that by setting this function to a strong, and dialling in abrogating acknowledgment compensation, JPEG could be produced with less detail lost in both the lights and shadows, all without the image looking washed out.

Selection of the range of automatic scene modes pre-set can have a profound effect on exposure. For example, the Landscape approach not alone applies college colour assimilation and contrast, but exposure tends to be a little darker and the Auto Lighting Optimizer is consistent with strong, helping to absorb as abundant detail in adumbration and highlight areas of the image, which is decidedly ill-fitted to these kinds of images.

All the accoutrement are there to ascribe accurate exposures in a abuttals of adapted distance if you apperceive how to use them. Auto shooters will do able-bodied to ensure they familiarise themselves with the altered pre-set arena modes to get the best after-effects with the minimum of hassle.