Tips for Achieve Your Highest Potential and Improving Yourself at This Time of Year

Despite what many people think, the theme that runs through the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the New Year and Day of Repentance, has less to do with the concept of “sin” as we typically think about it and more to do with goal setting. The word for “sin” in Hebrew, chet, comes from archery and means a target or mark. At this time of year we are looking at the targets or goals we set for our own self improvement last year and if we hit the mark. Did we covet fashion cheats hack reach our highest potential? Did we improve ourselves?

Thus, the theme of the holidays really is quite universal and applicable to anyone. It revolves around reviewing old targets, correcting targets we didn’t hit, setting up new targets, and improving our aim so we hit more bull’s eyes in the coming year. This represents a self-improvement and personal growth exercise. Here are some tips to help you perform this exercise successfully during the High Holy Days, during the secular New Year or at any time of the year.

1. Just as an archer needs to practice hitting the bull’s eye, improving ourselves takes practice. It takes effort and conscious intention to accomplish this. So, spend time practicing.

2. When you evaluate your aim from last year, ask yourself why you are or click more details are not hitting the bull’s eye? This will not only give you an idea of why you aren’t succeeding, it also will give you an idea of why you ARE succeeding in some cases. The latter provides a map to follow for future success.

3. List the reasons why you don’t hit the mark. Then figure out ways to eliminate these issues. This will help you hit more bull’s eyes.

4. Start the process of t’shuvah, which means return or turn in Hebrew. Return to your best self and then turn towards your goal. Who are you really? If you could be your best self, who would that be? Spend sometime answering that question, and then maybe create a vision board of your best self. pirate kings hack 2017 Also take action steps to allow your self to unfold into the person who has reached their full human potential. We all fold up and become small for many reasons, hiding who we really are and who we can be. Unfold! Let people see every facet of who you are. This will help you hit the mark more often and will connect you to yourself and to God, which also will help you hit the mark.

5. Don’t just set the same targets over and over again. Be sure your targets are really the ones at which you want to keep aiming. Then, when you have a few targets you really want to hit, for each one, list a few things you can do to move you closer to hitting a bull’s eye, to achieving that goal. And write an intention statement to go with it. (“I intend to hit my target of…”)

6. Discover what stops you from hitting the mark. Be really honest with yourself about why your aim off. Is there a reason you don’t want to hit the target? Ask yourself, “What’s the payoff for not hitting the target?” You might be surprised at the answer.

You don’t have to be Jewish to complete this process, nor do you have to do it once a year. Do this process as often as you like. Do it whenever you like. You can do it once a year, twice a year, or quarterly. It can be a monthly to-do item in your Day Timer. And make sure your targets include things that aren’t just about tangible, physical real-world things. Include a few spiritual targets as well.