Understanding Digital Photography – Techniques for Better Wedding Photography

The new age technology has given rise to the digital SLT camera. They are a fantastic photography device just for capturing moments in time. Their specifications make them able to easily manipulate photography images. However, to create a great photo whether its Brisbane wedding photography , kids photography, portrait photography etc, you still require skills to produce great images. Following are a few guidelines that you need to consider to maximise the benefits when shooting photography.


Zoom in to capture the component you want to point out.

Rule of thirds

When capturing a moving object, it is advisable to capture them moving into the imaginary tic-tac-toe frame from one of the two sides.

Vantage point

To add significance or emphasis to an object, take a picture at a lower vantage point. Increasing the height away from the object can reduce its significance. Balance Pick out the dominant objects and arrange them so that they complement each other. Nevertheless, unbalanced or asymmetrical objects are often more visually stimulating than balanced objects.


Framing is essential in composing the image correctly in the images. Allows for less work in post editing

Indoor photographs

You can use natural lighting when you are taking candid shots so that the subjects will appear in its most natural form

Camera adjustments

The aperture allows light to enter. You must learn how to adjust this properly and appropriately so that images may not appear as either very bright or very dim. Lowering the shutter speed allows the image to be more exposed to light. You have to learn the proper length of exposure so that images will not appear as blurry. ISO speeds Digital cameras have ISO speeds ranging from 100 to 3200. The higher the ISO is, the higher the camera’s sensitivity to light’s exposure. Be sure to master using this element along with the camera’s aperture and shutter speeds.If you want to find something about Brisbane portrait photography and Brisbane corporate photography ,click on the links in this article.