Unusual eco-friendly – Bamboo and Juco bags

We all know that paper bags and cloth bags are being used instead of plastic bags. Did you know that there are bamboo and JuCo (Jute + Cotton) bags which are as eco-friendly as paper and cloth?
Green handle offers you alternatives to plastic bags. This also means we are specialized in selling eco-friendly packaging solutions. We are an e-commerce startup striving to make a positive difference in the world not just for us today but for the generations to come by. Read more to find out more about the unusual eco-friendly bamboo and jute bags.
Bamboo bags:
Bamboo is gaining popularity for its natural finish, strength and bio-degradable properties. There are products from bamboo pencils to iPhone covers being made from bamboo.
Bamboo is renewable and grows fully within 5 years, they grow super-fast. Although bamboo is not a tree but a plant, it releases thirty percent more oxygen than trees which take a long time to grow.
It is a great alternative for people who are making eco-friendly choice of bags. There are jute bags of many share here prints which have different bamboo handles to choose from.
Bamboo handles are distinctive and stand out from the crowd. It is widely loved and is used in brands like Gucci bags which are used by some of the biggest celebrities and influencers in the history and the trend continues to attract people even to this date. They come in different sizes and color.
Juco bags:
Juco is a blend of jute and cotton. It is the best of both materials. It contains 75 percent jute and 25 percent cotton. It is a great alternative for environment conscious people.
Juco has a fine weave like cotton which makes it softer and lets you print cold brands without compromising the design. It is sometimes difficult to get the exact design printed on jute bags due to their stiffness. shadow fight 2 cheats
It has been used increasingly as shopping bags, alcohol bottle bags, and daily use bags. This is a perfect example of how technology can truly present the better of two materials to us. They are sustainable and leave a low carbon footprint and low water footprint. Green Handle offers a variety of dyed handle and gazette juco bags and plain juco bags.
Benefits of using reusable bamboo or jute bags:
1. According to a research, one reusable bamboo or juco bag used for a year will help cut the use of over 22000 plastic bags.
2. Plastic bags are made from burning petroleum products and cutting trees in some cases. Reusable bags are a better option as they are safe for the environment.
3. These bags save plants, trees, water, gas, oil.
4. Bamboo and jute growers around the world come from places where there is a great struggle to make ends meet with very low annual income per house. If people use more bags made from these things, it will provide them a stable source of income and improve their living standards.
Tips to be more eco-friendly:
• Eco-friendly bags are often called green bags. They are washable and easy to recycle as well.
• Try to minimize the waste as much as possible. A good way to start this is by clearing the unwanted clutter and keeps things which you can use for multiple tasks throughout the day.
• Purchase only things that serve multiple purposes. Minimalistic lifestyle is key.
• Replace disposable products like containers, bags and more with reusable ones.
• Buying in bulk will save the packaging the goes into many small units. It is a good choice for items have long shelf life.
• Buy long lasting shopping bags and take them with you every time you go shopping.
These bags are a great choice for Check our website moms, kids and anyone who needs a bag which can carry weight and also looks good. They come in such nice patterns that it serves both style and clean earth. Green Handle provides a platform online for eco-friendly customers and eco-conscious sellers. We offer a lot of printed and unprinted bags. Juco and Bamboo are some of the lesser known environmental options. We even take orders in bulk with custom designs for your use.