Wedding Photography Tips – 8 Easy Tips to Improve Your Photos (continue)

5. Photo Edit Out the Red Eye – Most wedding pictures are taken from too far a distance for the camera’s red eye reduction to work, but photo editing software such as Photoshop and even the free, Picasa can take the red out.

6. Save the Flash for the Most Important Pictures – Since it can take a while for the flash to recharge- plan ahead. Unless a “can’t miss” spontaneous photo opportunity comes up, save the flash for moments you most want to have pictures of, like the bride and groom cutting the cake, kissing after their vows, their first dance, and so on.

7. Take Advantage of Optical Zoom or Your Feet – For those far away photos, use the optical zoom (not digital zoom if you can). If your camera doesn’t have optical zoom, then you are able to physically move in closer this is the better choice. Brisbane wedding photographer may help you a lot.

8. Don’t Let Shutter Lag Ruin your Pictures – While this isn’t a problem with film, if you are shooting with a digital camera, be prepared to compensate for the shutter lag. Some cameras take pictures much faster (or slower) than others, so if you haven’t done so already, get familiar with your camera before the wedding. When taking action pictures like dancing at the reception, take them the same way as you would at a sporting event. Try your best to anticipate what’s happening next, point the camera in that direction and press the shutter half way down. Be ready to take lots of photos anytime there are people moving, so that you end up with several good pictures. And on such an important event, it’s very important to take several still shots as well.

Hopefully these eight wedding photo tips will help you make the most out of your next wedding and give the bride and groom pictures they love to look at framed on their picture wall. Until then, keep practicing and have fun learning photography!If you want to know something about Brisbane portrait photography and Brisbane wedding photography ,click on the links in this article.