Which Nikon Digital Camera Should I Buy?

Many people look for digital cameras by brand name. Which Nikon digital camera should I buy is a popular question from digital camera enthusiasts. Anyone who has used Nikon film camera knows that Nikon is a leader in the camera world. The digital cameras are just as popular. The Nikon CoolPix S50C and the CoolPix P4 are compact cameras with some impressive features. The Nikon P4 has 8 megapixels with a two and a half inch viewing screen with auto mode. This camera has a slim body that could be harder to use for someone with larger hands. For the price, this camera is a bargain.

The Nikon S50C offers 7.2 megapixels and has a wireless interface. The camera itself is impressive with a three-inch viewing screen and three times optical and four times digital zoom. The camera is very compact and slim. When you are thinking about which Nikon digital camera should I buy, you would be pleased with the Nikon S50C because of all the options and features. The prices are just right for any beginner or experienced user. Choosing between these two cameras would be easy after you read the reviews as well.

Which Nikon digital camera should I buy is always a question to ask yourself. You can read the specifications of the cameras, reviews by other users and see what the performance of the camera is by reading consumer reports. What you do not want to do is buy any camera without seeing what they all have to offer. The WI-FI Nikon S50C is definitely a nice camera with good reviews and the wireless interface does add to the beauty of the camera. You just need to compare and select the camera that will work the best for what you need it for.